New Year charity performance for children

New Year performance for children held at Meridian culture and arts center

January 14, 2012

Gazprom traditionally holds New Year charity events for children in need of social support. Another New Year performance for socially disadvantaged children took place at the Meridian culture and arts center on January 14, 2012 in Moscow.

Young participant of New Year event

The event was attended by more than a thousand children from social welfare institutions of Moscow and the suburbs: the Way Home orphan asylum, Boarding School No. 17, the Well-Being social aid center for families and children, the Child’s View charity foundation for supporting creativity in disabled children, the Preodoleniye-L rehabilitation center for disabled children, the Tagansky children’s foundation (regional public charity foundation), the Chernobyl of Russia union, Boarding School No. 62, the Sofyinsky orphan home, the Natali children’s historical costume studio theatre and the Wanted Children family center for psychological and pedagogical support.

Games and entertainment

Before the beginning of the stage play, children were entertained near the New Year tree by Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost), Snegurochka (Snow Maiden) and characters from Russian fairytales. Games, competitions and the walk around were accompanied by the sounds of funny children’s songs. Each child was greeted by conjurers and life-size puppets – characters from fairytales. Aqua make-up artists changed the children’s faces into those of funny animals and fairytale characters.

Aqua make-up artist working

Event was attended by more than thousand children from social welfare institutions of Moscow and its suburbs

Stage play begins!

Actors from the renowned Buff Moscow Theater performed the New Year fairytale “The Secret of the Forest Prisoner”, according to which three forest witches stole Snegurochka, the granddaughter of Ded Moroz and bewitched her to prevent the New Year festive event from taking place. However, the witch sisters failed to embarrass the good fellow Nikita, Snegurochka’s fiance. The kind Leshiy (forest spirit) and young spectators helped release Snegurochka from spells and break the evil charm.

Fragment from stage play

Fragment from stage play

Surprises and gifts

All fairytales have good endings. This time the good beat the evil again. By the end of the charity event, as a reward for kindness and courage, all children were given sweet boxes and collections of Russian fairytales illustrated by prominent artist Ivan Bilibin.

A gift for each child

Participant of New Year event