Silk Way Rally

The Silk Way International Rally is one of the most ambitious projects in the world of motor sports. The race was first held in 2009, connecting Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. In 2010–2015, the rally was routed across Russia. In 2016–2017, the race traversed Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. In 2018, it ran across Russia and China. In 2019, the rally passed through Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Silk Way Rally’s top award

The competition attracts some of the world’s best racers and most acclaimed rally raid teams:

KAMAZ-Master (Russia), GAZ Raid Sport (Russia), MSK Rally Team (Russia), Uspenskiy Rally Tecnica (Russia), Snag Racing (Russia), ISF Racing (Russia), MAZ Autosport (Belarus), Overdrive Racing (Belgium), Qatar WRT (Qatar), SRT (France), PH-Sport (France), Geely Auto Shell Lubricant Team (China), Raid Lynx (France), Land Cruiser Toyota Autobody (Japan), (Bulgaria), JATON RACING (Spain), Shanxi Yunxiang Qimosport (China), XTreme Plus (France), TEAM MONGOLIA NUMBER ONE (Mongolia), Mammoet Rally Sport (Netherlands), Hino Team Sugawara (Japan), CRV (Israel), and many others.

Since 2009, Gazprom has been a general partner of the Silk Way Rally.

Alexey Miller at Silk Way Rally 2017 start in Moscow

In 2013, the gas-fueled KAMAZ, a special sports truck powered by natural gas, made a successful debut at the rally. Created by the KAMAZ-Master team with the support of Gazprom, the truck is meant to promote the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel. Such marathon rallies provide abundant proof of the reliability of gas equipment in the most extreme conditions.

Gas-fueled KAMAZ team successfully overcomes difficult sections of Silk Way stage two

Crew of first gas-fueled KAMAZ truck including Sergey Kupriyanov (second right), Alexander Kupriyanov (center), and Anatoly Tanin (second left) successfully passed all seven stages of Silk Way Rally 2013

The KAMAZ-Master team created a new modification of the gas-fueled KAMAZ for the Silk Way Rally 2018. The truck driven by Sergey Kupriyanov overcame every challenge and took 4th place in the general trucks category in the Russian part of the rally.

Modified gas-fueled KAMAZ at Silk Way Rally 2018

In 2019, the gas-fueled KAMAZ driven by Sergey Kupriyanov finished in the top five in the trucks category at the Silk Way Rally 2019.

Gas-powered KAMAZ. Photo by