SEHA Gazprom League

The SEHA Gazprom League (prior to 2013 known as the SEHA LEAGUE) is a handball association in southeastern Europe. The League was founded in 2011 by the sports federations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovakia with the aim of developing and promoting handball in the Balkan region. In 2013, Gazprom was named as the general sponsor of the association.

Over the past years, the League has considerably expanded its geographical presence and the scale of competitions with the support of Gazprom. The initial participants have been joined by the teams from Belarus, China, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. Apart from the regular season tournaments featuring the best teams of national championships, the League's sporting program includes the Final 4 competition, which has been hosted by Zagreb and Varazdin (Croatia), Skopje (North Macedonia), Novi Sad (Serbia), Veszprem (Hungary), and Brest (Belarus) in different years.

The SEHA Gazprom League facilitates the development of the League's clubs and helps raise the general level of national championships held in its participating countries. The stringent criteria for selecting League participants serve as incentives for the teams to continuously improve their sports skills. The team selection procedure takes place every year, with a growing number of teams willing to play in the SEHA Gazprom League, which is why the participating countries rotate regularly.

Gazprom is also implementing several social programs in partnership with the SEHA Gazprom League. For instance, the Be8player project is targeted exclusively to fans. Its aim is to foster friendship among fans at the stands.

With the support of Gazprom, the League is successfully fulfilling the core idea that fueled its creation – to unite athletes, fans, and supporters of handball under the slogan #Experiencehandball.

2018–2019 season

The 2018–2019 season featured teams from Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia. The Final 4 competition took place in Brest (Belarus). Macedonia's Vardar HC won the first prize.

2019–2020 season

The 2019–2020 season featured a record number of participating countries with teams from Belarus, China, Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. The first-time participants in the League included an Asian team named Beijing Sport University (China), Russia’s vice-champion Spartak Moscow HC, and the Ukrainian Super League champion and Ukrainian Cup winner Motor Zaporozhye HC. At the Final 4 competition, Hungary’s Telekom Veszprem HC took the championship title, Macedonia’s Vardar HC won the second prize, and Meshkov Brest HC from Belarus won the bronze.

2020–2021 season

Although the season started amid the pandemic, the tournament was efficiently launched owing to a flexible approach, remote work practices, and new formats of cooperation. The fixtures take into account all international and national anti-Covid protocols. Ten teams are participating in the tournament. The matches for the right to contest the Final 4 will be played in August 2021, and the SEHA Final 4 will take place in September.