Sailing sports are known to cultivate courage, discipline, responsibility, genuine companionship and mutual assistance.

Gazprom actively supports the development of competitive sailing in Russia. This initiative aims to popularize children’s and youth sports, mass sports, and big-time sports.

The Company has been a general partner of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club since 2013. This organization is active in a wide range of areas, among them shipbuilding, historical research and educational programs, athletic training and seamanship for youth, and Olympic sports. Today, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club is one of the biggest yachting associations in the world.

Port of St. Petersburg Yacht Club

Nord Stream Race, the largest international offshore regatta in the Baltic Sea, has been held by Gazprom and the St. Petersburg Yacht Club on an annual basis since 2012. The race unites the best teams of the national sailing leagues from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

Nord Stream Race regatta

Gazprom is committed to promoting St. Petersburg as a venue for major sailing competitions at both national and international levels. The city was the first place in Russia to host the events of the Extreme Sailing Series global catamaran race, as well as the World Match Racing Tour and Sailing Champions League races.

Sailing Champions League race in St. Petersburg

Together with the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, Gazprom continues to implement a unique youth project named Hope of the Seas, providing training sessions on the legendary schooner Nadezhda, which was built and launched in 1912.

Nadezhda schooner

The Company pays particular attention to promoting sailing among children. Since 2012, it has been supporting a regatta for children and youth entitled “Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup.” The race takes place in four stages throughout the year. Today, the regatta is the largest sports tournament of the Optimist class in Russia.

Ongoing race during Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup regatta

Gazprom provides assistance to the Sailing Academy, which was founded by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in 2012. Hundreds of young athletes receive training at the Academy. Its alumni include winners of world and European championships, awardees of national tournaments and competitions.

Young sailor athletes

With support from Gazprom, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club is re-constructing in full scale the Poltava vessel, a fourth-rate 54-gun ship of the line that was the first ship of the line to have been built at the St. Petersburg Admiralty Shipyards and launched in June 1712. The ship will become the centerpiece of the Poltava Sailboat cultural and historical center. The vessel was launched in May 2018 and its fitting-out is currently in progress.

Poltava sailboat