Yamal – Europe

Russian gas supplies to Western Europe
billion cubic meters of gas per year
design capacity
billion cubic meters of gas per year
design capacity


The transnational Yamal – Europe gas pipeline runs across four countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. The new export corridor increased flexibility and reliability of Russian gas supply to Western Europe. The European Union qualified the Yamal – Europe as the top-priority investment project implemented as part of the Trans-European Network (TEN).

Facts and figures

The gas pipeline construction started in 1994 and in 2006 the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline reached its design capacity of 32.9 billion cubic meters after the last compressor station commissioning. The number of compressor stations at the gas pipeline – 14, the pipe diameter – 1,420 millimeters, the total length – over 2,000 kilometers.

Russian section

The trunkline runs from the Torzhok gas transmission hub in the Tver Oblast where it receives gas from the Northern Tyumen Regions (SRTO) – Torzhok gas pipeline. The Russian section is 402 kilometers long and has three compressor stations: Rzhevskaya, Kholm-Zhirkovskaya and Smolenskaya.

Belarusian section

The 575-kilometer-long pipeline runs across Belarus with 5 compressor stations operational: Nesvizhskaya, Krupskaya, Slonimskaya, Minskaya and Orshanskaya. Gazprom is the sole owner of the Belarusian gas pipeline section.

Polish section

The Polish section consists of a 683-kilometer-long linear part and 5 compressor stations: Ciechanow, Szamotuly, Zambrow, Wloclawek, and Kondratki. This section of the gas pipeline is owned by EuRoPol Gaz.

German section

The westernmost point of the gas pipeline is the Mallnow compressor station near Frankfurt an der Oder in the vicinity of the German-Polish border where the gas pipeline links up with the YAGAL-Nord gas transmission system, which is, in turn, connected to the STEGAL – MIDAL – Rehden UGS gas transmission system. The German section of the gas pipeline is owned by WINGAS.