Message from the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev at the conference call dedicated to Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day

Hello, esteemed colleagues and dear friends! I would like to say that I am very pleased to be here today on the threshold of Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day. I sincerely congratulate you all on the upcoming holiday! I congratulate the multi-thousand team of Gazprom and its subsidiaries I wish good mood and robust health to you and your beloved ones. I wish everything goes well because the work you do is hard, but it is very important for Russia.

I would like to say some special words about the veterans, those who were the pioneers of the industry and the Company itself. They laid the foundation for today’s success of the national gas sector. I hope that their experience accumulated over the decades will serve the interests of Russia and Open Joint Stock Company Gazprom.

Being in this conference hall, I am recalling the time when I frequently was here as the Board of Directors Chairman during almost eight years. Of course, I do understand that the Company makes strenuous efforts and the goals are achieved through the hard work. I keep visiting the Company’s facilities – in January we were at Zapolyarnoye – Russia’s most productive oil, gas and condensate field in Yamal I hope that such important events will take place in the future as well, with new fields to be brought onstream and new achievements to be gained. Gazprom remains Russia’s largest company and a global gas giant.

It is of high importance that today the Company keeps evolving rapidly, implementing innovative decisions and generating demand for high-tech developments. The production potential permanently grows. We possess really enormous reserves. Large or I would even say the largest international infrastructure projects such as Nord Stream and South Stream are in progress. Our regions evolve along with regional projects such as the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta and Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok pipelines. There will be a whole set of large-scale ambitious projects in the nearest future. I hope that you will keep working hard and achieving success.

It is crucial that the Company deals with social issues in those areas where gas is produced and is engaged in the gasification of our regions. After today’s conference call I will hold a meeting with representatives of our regions. We will address gasification since this issue directly affects the lives and the well-being of our people. In any case, all these projects should be continued.

And I would like to emphasize once again that the Company’s success is the success of Gazprom’s highly skilled professionals, whose number is really very large – about 400 thousand people in total. There are even dynasties of gas industry workers and they work in the severest areas of our large country. I am sure that all the tasks that Gazprom faces will be accomplished. I heartedly congratulate everyone on the holiday! I wish good mood and robust health to you and your families! Congratulations!


The verbatim transcript is contributed by the Press Service and Information Department of the Russian Federation Government