Gazprom gazobezopasnost: professional emergency response services

December 1, 2010

Gazprom pays particular attention to process safety. As a specialized emergency response service Gazprom gazobezopasnost deals with accident prevention and mitigation at Russia's UGSS facilities.

The company's employees consistently demonstrate high professional skills. Fire elimination at the Yamsoveyskoye field well in October 2010 serves as a vivid example.

Emergency response operations were completed within four days only, which is quite impressive performance for such a kind of fire.

October 28 05:05 pm 

The dispatch service operator of Gazprom gazobezopasnost received a fire alarm from well No.114 of Gazprom dobycha Nadym's Yamsoveyskoye oil, gas and condensate field.

At 09:00 pm the emergency response team of Gazprom gazobezopasnost arrived at the accident site from Novy Urengoy. An emergency response board was formed to eliminate a gas gusher and the wellhead was examined. The examination showed that conventional means were not enough for the accident elimination. A decision was made to use specialized apparatus – the PPP-200 powder fire extinguisher produced by the company. Gazprom gazobezopasnost employees took every effort to protect the nearby gas producing wells from fire.

October 29 12:00 am 

The gas gusher elimination started.

October 29 01:00 pm 

The second expert team and specialized apparatus arrived to eliminate the gas gusher. The fire on the damaged well was brought under control using the PPP-200 powder fire extinguisher.

October 30 12:05 pm

The flame was choked owing to the well-coordinated efforts by experts from Gazprom gazobezopasnost and the use of specialized apparatus. Initial operations were carried out to replace the wellhead equipment.

October 31 08:30 pm 

Operational staff of the Northern Paramilitary Unit under Gazprom gazobezopasnost completely eliminated the gusher at the gas well. New wellhead equipment was installed. At 11:30 pm damaged well No.114 was killed and the wellhead was sealed.


Founded in 1972, Gazprom gazobezopasnost is an emergency response service of Gazprom and is included in the list of the federal constant alert forces of the unified state emergency response system.

Major activities of Gazprom gazobezopasnost involve arrangement and execution of injury, fire and accident prevention operations at the gas industry companies. The company also performs a range of special operations to prevent and eliminate gas, oil and water spills, blowouts, open gas and oil gushers including those in offshore areas.

Branches of Gazprom gazobezopasnost are situated in the Astrakhan, Orenburg and Moscow Oblasts, the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the Komi Republic and the Krasnoyarsk Krai.

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