Interview by Alexey Miller with TV Rossiya 24

Interview by Alexey Miller to Russian media companies

“According to the most recent data, in August the volume of Gazprom Group’s marketable gas exported to countries beyond the CIS reached 13.2 billion cubic meters, which is 23.2 per cent more than in the similar period of 2014. We see that the demand in Russian gas is growing and it is going up at a rapid pace. Of course, this can’t but please us.”

Interview by Alexey Miller to TASS news agency

“We see that the whole process of gas injection into Ukraine’s UGS facilities is going much slower than it was last year. Back to these days, by the start of the withdrawal season Naftogaz accumulated 16.7 billion cubic meters of gas in its storages. If it carries on like this, Naftogaz will not achieve even the mentioned figure. For the time left, 3.2 billion cubic meters, or 25 per cent of already injected volumes, need to be added extra. We have some concerns about the situation, and the process has to be accelerated. It is crucial to keep a certain amount of gas in storage – it is a prerequisite for the provision of reliable gas supplies to Ukrainian consumers as well as for gas transit to Europe during the upcoming winter period. We believe that it is Naftogaz’s responsibility to cover these issues and, consequently, we are not going to inject our own gas into Ukraine’s UGS facilities.”

Interview by Alexey Miller, Gazprom Management Committee Chairman to Reuters News Agency

Gazprom exhibition stand at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2015

Gazprom exhibition stand at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2015

Gazprom and CNPC outline schedule for contract preliminaries on western route

“As for Power of Siberia and the relevant construction in Russia, the project is advancing in strict compliance with the schedule. Together with Chinese partners we thrashed out all the issues related to bringing our activities into step with those at the Chinese section. The Chinese party will start the construction in late June and that is when the pipeline commissioning ceremony will take place.”

Gazprom starts Turkish Stream offshore gas pipeline construction