Alexey Miller holds conference call marking Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day

Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, today held in St. Petersburg a conference call marking Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day.

The meeting was broadcast live to 72 companies of the Gazprom Group.

In his speech during the conference call, Alexey Miller said, “As we are heading into our professional holiday, our efforts are going strictly as planned. We are successfully working in all of our strategic areas. We are delivering large projects of national importance right on time.”

Gazprom unfailingly provides its consumers with reliable energy supplies. “Preliminary results show that our gas deliveries to domestic consumers will have grown by 7.9 billion cubic meters, or 5.4 per cent, in eight months. Europe’s demand for Gazprom’s gas has been remarkably high for three years in a row. According to current data, we will have delivered 133.3 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe and Turkey by the end of the January-August period of 2018. It is an increase of 5.6 per cent, or 7 billion cubic meters, from the same period of last year,” said Alexey Miller.

Thanks to its formidable production infrastructure, the Company can promptly react to fluctuations in demand and satisfy consumer requests. “Preliminary results reveal that we will have ramped up gas production to 325.2 billion cubic meters in eight months. Compared to last year, it’s an improvement of 22.6 billion cubic meters, or 7.5 per cent,” noted Alexey Miller.

With the year’s most challenging and intense period – the winter season of peak demand – yet to come, Gazprom continues to prepare Russia’s Unified Gas Supply System for maximum loads.

A new gas production center in the Yamal Peninsula is assuming an increasingly important role in supplying gas under peak loads. This year, the Company will bring into operation its third production facility at the Bovanenkovskoye field. A crucial decision was made to start in 2019 the pre-development of the Kharasaveyskoye field containing 2 trillion cubic meters of gas. The development of the Yamal gas production center is also highly dependent on the Tambey group of fields with its 7.7 trillion cubic meters of gas.

“We are making systematic efforts to expand gas transportation capacities in Yamal. This year, we will complete the linear part of another key link in the northern gas transmission corridor – the Ukhta – Torzhok 2 gas pipeline. The new high-tech gas pipeline will make our gas transmission system more reliable and flexible,” said Alexey Miller.

Gazprom’s key export projects in Europe are in full swing. Preparations are already underway for building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in German territorial waters near Lubmin. In the ongoing construction of the TurkStream gas pipeline, a total of 1,500 kilometers of pipes along the two strings are completed, with about 80 per cent of the pipeline length constructed by now.

Of equal strategic importance are activities in the east. “The Chayandinskoye field in Yakutia is in the midst of pre-development. The gas production infrastructure is 50 per cent ready. Before the year is out, we will complete the bulk of work for the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. In addition, equipment is being assembled at the construction site of the Amur Gas Processing Plant.

A little over a year is left before the start of gas supplies to China. And there is no doubt that, come December 20, 2019, gas will start flowing to the Russian-Chinese border,” said Alexey Miller.

“Gazprom has ambitious goals. Each and every one of us has to demonstrate exceptional commitment and responsibility,” he stressed in conclusion.

The heads of Gazprom Dobycha YamburgGazprom Dobycha AstrakhanGazprom Transgaz Kazan, and Gazprom Transgaz Belarus made operational performance reports at the meeting.