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  • Zagorsk Pipe Plant launches production of large-diameter pipes for Gazprom

    “Import substitution has been part of Gazprom's systemic efforts for many years. It is a powerful impetus for the Russian industry and a crucial component of national energy security. Today, Gazprom buys 95 per cent of its materials and equipment in Russia. On top of that, the Company procures all of the large-diameter pipes used in building gas trunklines from Russian manufacturers.

    Thanks to Gazprom's ambitious gas transmission projects, the demand for pipe products is stable now and is bound to remain strong in the future. What is important is that Russia now has a new pipe producer that meets the rigorous standards of our Company. It means increased competitiveness in the pipe industry, which will lead to higher quality and greater economic appeal.”

    Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of Moscow Region, Alexey Miller, and Denis Safin, Director General of Zagorsk Pipe Plant

    Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of Moscow Region, Alexey Miller, and Denis Safin, Director General of Zagorsk Pipe Plant

    Speech by Alexey Miller at “Natural Gas as Destination Fuel for the Future” Conference during annual International Business Congress

    The economy has already made its choice in favor of gas. We have it in our power to prove to the governments of certain countries that natural gas can and must form the basis for the energy of the future. This requires the entire gas industry community to not only prepare a common response and propose solutions to challenges facing the industry, but also get those solutions across to the authorities, the business community, and the general public.

    Dear colleagues, natural gas offers us an exceptional opportunity to develop the economy in a reliable, sustainable, effective and eco-friendly way. Natural gas is the fuel of the 21st century!

    Alexey Miller moderates 36th Presiding Committee Meeting and 20th General Meeting of International Business Congress

    “Natural gas is the energy source that will fill the gaps left by renewable technologies. Gas meets every requirement for energy carriers in today's economy. It means enormous reserves coupled with exceptional reliability and availability. It means market development and sustainable trade models worldwide. Moreover, gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. From a technological and environmental standpoint, gas is perfectly positioned to become the destination fuel for the future in Europe and the world at large.”

    Alexey Miller speaks at CNPC’s roundtable on oil and gas cooperation as part of Belt and Road Forum

    “Gas pipelines not only bring heat to homes, but also serve as a common thread for different economies, helping them thrive and develop. There is no doubt that the steel arteries of our gas trunklines, along with transport corridors running for thousands of kilometers, will become a symbol of the ever-growing strategic cooperation and connectivity between Russia and China in the 21st century, a shining example for the rest of the world.”

    Construction of TurkStream gas pipeline’s offshore section commenced

    “Today, we started the practical implementation of the TurkStream gas pipeline project: pipe-laying within the offshore section. By late 2019, our Turkish and European consumers will have a new, reliable source of Russian gas imports”.

    The Audacia pipe-laying vessel

    The Audacia pipe-laying vessel