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  • Russia’s northernmost active oil field enters commercial production

    “The exploration of the Russian Arctic holds strategic importance for Gazprom. Step by step, we bring into development new gas and oil fields and build the required infrastructure in this challenging region with enormous potential. This past spring, we have successfully put in operation the unique Arctic Gate oil loading terminal to ensure year-round shipments of Yamal oil. Today, we have launched commercial production from Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye, the northernmost of Russia’s active onshore oil fields. The new Arctic project will be a key part of Russia’s powerful oil and gas complex in the circumpolar North.”

    Bolivia’s Incahuasi field brought into commercial production

    “The launch of the Incahuasi field is a landmark event for the energy industries of Bolivia and South America at large. Together with our Bolivian partners, we are pushing forward the continent's most advanced and cutting-edge industry, which, in its turn, serves as a powerful driver for the country's economy.”

    Bolivia’s Incahuasi field brought into commercial production

    Incahuasi field

    Gazprom receiving more permits for TurkStream

    “I would like to commend our Turkish partners for being so prompt and cooperative at the first stage of the TurkStream project.”

    Gazprom receives first permits for TurkStream

    “The issuance of first permits is good news for Gazprom. This move of the Turkish side reflects the interest of Turkey's government in the TurkStream project and marks the transition to its practical implementation.”

    Gazprom receives first permits for TurkStream

    Planned route map of TurkStream gas pipeline

    Speech by Alexey Miller at Eastern Economic Forum 2016

    “Today, Gazprom is the world's leader in terms of natural gas production, as well as in terms of exports. The Company is the leading pipeline gas supplier. Our current projects are breaking new ground in the gas industry. The gas trunklines being built by Gazprom are the world's most advanced long-distance pipelines. I am pleased to note that we have reached an operating pressure of 120 atmospheres in the gas trunklines we construct.”

    Alexey Miller speaks at Eastern Economic Forum 2016

    Alexey Miller

    Gazprom and Mitsui sign memorandum to cooperate in LNG bunkering studies

    “Gazprom and Mitsui have successfully cooperated on the Sakhalin II project. Now we have an excellent opportunity to partner in a new business area – small-scale LNG. Joint efforts in the bunkering industry will help our companies diversify our businesses and strengthen our positions in the dynamic Asian market.”

    Gazprom and Mitsui sign memorandum to cooperate in LNG bunkering studies

    Masami Iijima and Alexey Miller