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  • Gazprom and Engineers India exploring routes for gas supplies to India

    “India is among the largest modern economies. At present, India ranks fourth in energy consumption worldwide, with the annual consumption growth averaging 6.33 per cent. As of last year, India consumed 56.5 billion cubic meters of gas, which was merely 7.14 per cent of its energy mix.

    India's indigenous gas production is steadily declining. The share of gas imports in the country's energy mix is rapidly growing. According to experts, India's need for gas imports will increase threefold as early as 2022 and more than sixfold by 2030. I am convinced that Gazprom and Indian companies have significant prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation in the gas industry.”

    Alexey Miller and Sanjay Gupta. Photo by RIA Novosti

    Alexey Miller: legal framework for TurkStream established

    “The document signed today is extremely important as it sets out the legal framework for the TurkStream project. The Agreement has been prepared in an unprecedentedly short period of time, which shows the strong commitment of both sides to deliver the project as soon as possible.

    This is entirely understandable because the TurkStream gas pipeline will substantially enhance the reliability of gas supply to Turkey, as well as southern and southeastern Europe.”

    Speech by Alexey Miller at St. Petersburg International Gas Forum

    “The current level of global energy prices makes it impossible to tackle those tasks of the global economy that can be solved only with the help of gas. It means that in the very near future we will definitely witness an upward trend of energy price growth around the world.”

    Alexey Miller speaks at St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. Photo by RIA Novosti

    Alexey Miller speaks at St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. Photo by RIA Novosti