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  • Gazprom takes extensive efforts within Ukhta – Torzhok 2 project

    “Gazprom takes extensive efforts within the Ukhta – Torzhok 2 project. Tasks have been assigned and deadlines have been set. The gas pipeline will be built and completed by the 2019 end. This also pertains to the rest of the gas transmission facilities located along Bovanenkovo to Nord Stream 2.”

    Alexey Miller

    Alexey Miller

    Construction of Amur GPP launched

    “Gazprom launched the Amur GPP construction. This is a milestone event for the Russian gas processing industry and for the emerging gas industry in Eastern Russia. The Amur GPP means high technologies, significant investments and thousands of new jobs. It will give a powerful impetus to the socioeconomic development of the Amur Region and other Far Eastern provinces.”

    Gazprom and BASF/Wintershall – 25 years of fruitful cooperation

    “25 years is a relatively short period of time. But together with our German partners we’ve managed to achieve quite a lot during these 25 years. We began with simple cooperation in the area of gas supplies and today we work together across the entire value chain in the gas industry – from upstream to downstream. Together we’ve delivered large-scale projects, which boosted the European gas market development and helped to create a gas transmission network not only in Germany, but in other European countries as well.

    Our cooperation with BASF/Wintershall may serve as an example of trust between the companies, example of strategic vision of the business development and a striking illustration of significant contribution to the EU energy security. With our German partners we have great plans and new ambitious projects lying ahead. I am absolutely sure we’ll be able to successfully accomplish them.”

    Interview by Alexey Miller with TV Rossiya 24

    Message delivered by Alexey Miller at 5th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum

    “We all observe that the hydrocarbons market features diverse trends now. However, one trend is vital for the Russian economy as well as for Gazprom – the trend of the continuously growing demand for Russian gas in foreign markets.”

    Message delivered by Alexey Miller at 5th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum

    Alexey Miller

    Gazprom introduces a new form of cooperation with manufacturers of import substitution products

    “We introduce a new form of cooperation with manufacturers of import substitution products. They will get long-term and – what’s most important – predictable financing and a guaranteed sales market. In its turn, Gazprom will have reliable supplies of high-quality equipment at competitive prices.”

    Gazprom and Wintershall complete asset swap

    “For over 40 years Gazprom has been a reliable supplier to Europe. Strengthening the Company’s positions in the European gas storage and sales segment guarantees uninterrupted gas supplies to consumers.”