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  • Alexey Miller and Alexis Tsipras discuss gas pipeline construction in Greece

    “The Greek Government supports the project and today we have no doubts that the Russian-European consortium will fully finance it.”

    Alexis Tsipras and Alexey Miller. Photo by AP/TASS

    Alexis Tsipras and Alexey Miller. Photo by AP/TASS

    Speech by Alexey Miller at conference “Europe and Eurasia: Towards the New Model of Energy Security”

    Europe and Eurasia: towards the new model of energy security. The gas market profile. Referring to the words that have been recently ringing in the gas market, some might say that we are not ‘on the way towards’, but rather ‘on the march towards’. However, we will say ‘on the way towards’, understanding that a way is a motion vector, particularly, for Gazprom it is a motion vector from the European strategy to the Eurasian strategy of the marketing business. We should also bear in mind that a new gas megamarket is shaping – the Eurasian one.

    Alexey Miller informs Vladimir Putin on situation with gas supply to Ukraine