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Alexey Miller: Gazprom is ready for the Olympics!

“Today we’ve brought onstream additional capacities at the Krasnodarskaya CS, thus ensuring the maximum load of two major gas pipelines at a time, namely Blue Stream running from Russia to Turkey and Dzhubga – Lazarevskoye – Sochi – our project for the Olympics.

So, I may say that Gazprom has undoubtedly completed its investment program for the Olympic Games. All the necessary infrastructure – power generating facilities and sports venues – is built. Gazprom is ready for the Olympics!

I wish the Russian Olympic team get impressive victories and bring on new Olympic records.”

Gas transmission projects layout, Krasnodar Territory

Gas transmission projects layout, Krasnodar Territory

Gazprom increasing its stake in ArmRosgazprom to 100 per cent

“This deal fully complies with the spirit of strategic cooperation between Russia and Armenia. Gazprom has been successfully cooperating with Armenian partners in many areas and for many years. We have implemented large-scale projects both in main gas transportation and power generation. But above all, Armenia has achieved a major socially important result – we reached the gasification level of 96 per cent.

Another key area of our cooperation is the NGV sector. Armenia has even more CNG filling stations than Russia. We all have something to learn from our Armenian colleagues.

Gazprom has always been and will remain a reliable partner for Armenia.”

Armen Movsisyan, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Republic of Armenia and Alexey Miller sign Sales and Purchase Agreement for 20 per cent of ArmRosgazprom shares – Gazprom’s ownership stake in ArmRosgazprom increases to 100 per cent

In center – Armen Movsisyan and Alexey Miller

On key preliminary results 2013

“In 2013 Gazprom showed excellent results in all key performance indicators. Our production capacities now account for 617 billion cubic meters of gas output and the reserve replenishment ratio is 1.328. Gazprom fully met the increased demand for Russian gas in Europe, selling 162.7 billion cubic meters and demonstrating significant growth – more than 16 per cent – as compared to 2012. Gas supplies also increased due to the production rise – 487.4 billion cubic meters of gas – up 400 million cubic meters versus 2012. Early this year we continue seeing an upward demand for Russian gas in Europe.”

On key preliminary results 2013

Bovanenkovo field