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  • Gazprom is on the last lap in the Olympic venues construction

    “In order to be prepared for the Olympic Games, the host country needs to have the same amount of energy and the same professional attitude as the athletes competing during the Olympics. And it is an honor to be a part of such preparatory activities.

    We are proud that we were entrusted with building a variety of the key Olympic venues. Gazprom does its best to make sure that both the athletes and the fans have the most positive impression of the quality of these competitions and that the Olympians show the best of their ability.

    We are on the last lap now. I have no doubts that Gazprom will deliver its Olympic program at the highest possible level.”

    Gazprom completing large-scale construction of Olympic venues

    In March 2013 Gazprom’s Biathlon and Ski Complex held international test competitions

    Gazprom commissions Kaliningrad UGS facility

    “A milestone event took place today: we commissioned the Kaliningrad UGS facility – Gazprom’s first one in salt caverns. It is not just another facility on the Russian gas map. It is the experience we will use when constructing similar UGS facilities in Russia.

    Such facilities have a number of apparent advantages. For instance, it is possible to promptly switch on the injection mode and change it to the withdrawal mode. This means that we will always have a full storage in Kaliningrad during the autumn-winter period and, therefore, a high degree of gas supply reliability. It is especially important as the Russian Government and Gazprom as well are looking closely after the energy security in the Kaliningrad Region. The Kaliningrad UGS facility commissioning resolves this issue.”

    Gazprom commissions Kaliningrad UGS facility

    Kaliningrad UGS facility

    On signing Agreement on major terms and conditions of pipeline gas supply from Russia to China via eastern route

    “Both parties stressed the long-term strategic nature of our partnership. I would like to thank our Chinese colleagues for prompt and well-coordinated work in the last few months. The fact that the major terms and conditions were signed during the G20 summit indicates the parties' aspiration to successfully end the negotiations and sign the contract before the end of 2013.”

    Gazprom and CNPC sign Agreement on major terms and conditions of pipeline gas supply from Russia to China via eastern route

    Saint Petersburg before G20 summit. Photo by RIA Novosti