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  • South Stream Transport office opened in Amsterdam

    “The main task of South Stream Transport is the construction of the offshore gas pipeline section – the most technologically challenging stage of the project. I am confident that the professional attitude of South Stream Transport team will help successfully complete the project within the schedule.” 

    South Stream Transport office opened in Amsterdam

    Statement by Gazprom Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller at the Conference “Development of LNG and its Impact on the European Gas Markets”

    Within a relatively short period of time LNG has become a highly marketable commodity worldwide, and nowadays it significantly influences the global and European gas markets.

    Over the last decade we have observed a fast pace of LNG production and consumption worldwide.

    Since 2001 the global installed capacities of LNG production and the demand for this product have risen by 70 per cent. Despite a slight decrease last year, in 2013 the growth will resume and will be sustainable in the mid and long term.

    The flexibility of LNG transportation makes it possible to open new untapped markets for natural gas and, as a consequence, contributes to increasing the natural gas share in the global energy mix.

    Being the world’s leading gas Company, Gazprom continuously pursues its LNG production and supply strategy.

    Alexey Miller

    Alexey Miller

    Gazprom and Gasunie developing strategic cooperation

    “Gazprom and Gasunie have been partners for many years and have a proven experience in effective delivery of projects in the European market. The Memorandum signed today opens up new horizons for the development of strategic partnership between our companies”.

    Gazprom and Gasunie developing strategic cooperation

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Gazprom and GDF SUEZ celebrate cooperative milestone in natural gas sector

    “30 years ago the third long-term contract for Russian gas supply to France was signed. This and other contracts laid a solid foundation for the successful strategic cooperation between Gazprom and GDF SUEZ, which is developing in the atmosphere of mutual respect and confidence. It is pleasant to note that our cooperation is not confined to business projects only and serves as an example of a versatile cultural partnership.

    In this anniversary year we decided to jointly support the reconstruction of The Rite of Spring iconic ballet and give the French audience the opportunity to watch first-hand one of the best pieces of Russian arts.”

    Champs Elysees, Paris, France

    Champs Elysees, Paris, France

    Gazprom is national leader by investments in innovations

    For Gazprom it is not in question of whether the gas sector is innovative or not. The fact is that in terms of innovations, an undeveloped company can't be the leader of the global energy market, which Gazprom is.

    The volumes of investments into the Research and Development Program are really substantial. Today, Gazprom ranks first in the country. We have increased the amount of financing fivefold in the course of the recent five years. Last year we invested over a quarter of a million dollars in this area of activity. Furthermore, in the framework of the Program to 2020 we are planning to hit the figure of one billion dollars, which means a fourfold increase. This is an illustrative evidence of Gazprom being a strong generation center of demand for innovations based on, and I'll stress it, the programing method.

    Winners of 5th corporate Fakel Festival awarded in Vitebsk

    “I would like to thank the host party – Gazprom Transgaz Belarus, our subsidiary company, the Vitebsk Administration and everyone who took part in arranging and holding the Festival. It was executed to the highest standards. Let's keep it up and go ahead – to new creative achievements!”

    Grand Prix of 5th corporate Fakel Festival awarded to Ekspromt dance and sports club (Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod)

    Grand Prix of 5th corporate Fakel Festival awarded to Ekspromt dance and sports club (Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod)

    Statement by Alexey Miller, Gazprom Management Committee Chairman at a meeting of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia

    At present, Gazprom runs a large-scale Innovative Development Program adopted by the Company in 2011. The two key indicators of the Program efficiency are related to the introduction of innovative technologies for efficient nature management and environmental safety assurance. These are the general energy efficiency indicators manifesting themselves through the reduction of specific energy consumption for process needs and the decrease of specific greenhouse gas emissions as an overall environmental indicator of production technologies and equipment.

    The Gazprom Innovative Development Program is a large and multi-component system. We have been consistently implementing this Program for two years. I can say that all basic indicators, including the two mentioned ones relating to efficient nature management and environmental safety, are met. Gazprom gives a high priority to the environmental aspect today. In addition to the Program implementation, we declared 2013 to be the Year of Ecology in Gazprom and planned a lot of events in various spheres of our business.

    Gazprom activities require technologies as sophisticated as space ones

    “Gazprom is a modern high-tech company with a strong scientific and research base, able to develop and implement its own innovative solutions. Aspiring to become a leader in the global energy market, we carry out the most complex projects in the regions with unique environmental and climatic conditions.

    These activities require the most cutting-edge technologies as sophisticated as the space ones. With a view to create them, we suggest mobilizing the Russian scientific potential – first of all, that of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and combining it with the knowledge and experience of Gazprom. Along with this, we are highly interested in innovative solutions helpful in mitigating adverse environmental impacts.”

    Corporate Fakel Festival final round launched in Vitebsk

    “It is the first time the Festival is taking place in Belarus. Vitebsk is a city of festivals with great festival traditions. We have no doubt that the Fakel Festival will be an outstanding and remarkable event in the city's life, and will once again demonstrate the brotherhood between Belarus and Russia. I would like to wish successful performance to the Festival participants and a great pastime with a lot of cheerful moments to the spectators.”

    Alexey Miller and Vladimir Semashko, First Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Belarus during grand opening of final round of 5th corporate Fakel Festival

    Alexey Miller and Vladimir Semashko, First Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Belarus during grand opening of final round of 5th corporate Fakel Festival