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Speech by Alexey Miller at the General Shareholders Meeting

Gazprom implements new projects.

In 2012 an Investment Rationale was carried out and a final investment decision was made for the LNG plant near Vladivostok. The project stipulates building a plant with an annual capacity of 10 million tons of LNG, to be possibly increased to 15 million tons. The first process train is to be put onstream in 2018. Gas from the Sakhalin, Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers will be the resource base for the LNG plant.

The Baltic LNG project is in full swing. An Investment Rationale and a comprehensive Action Plan are at the initial stage, a feasibility study of possible construction options is in progress.

In 2012 we enriched our experience in the LNG market through swap deals and other transactions. Gazprom Group sold 22 LNG cargoes with a total volume of 1,440 million tons. Nowadays we supply liquefied natural gas to 10 countries worldwide. LNG supplies from the Sakhalin II project and our LNG supplies as part of trading operations currently amount to 5 per cent of the global market.

Our goal is to account for around 15 per cent of the global LNG market.

Final Press Conference involving the Gazprom Board of Directors Chairman and the Gazprom Management Committee Chairman

Alexey Miller and Viktor Zubkov

Alexey Miller and Viktor Zubkov

Gazprom will help train new world-class tennis players

“Today we are celebrating two events, both of which are ceremonial. It is the 125th anniversary of the first Russian tennis club. Ten years prior to the start of the 20th century future champions were learning the ropes of this wonderful game here. The Lakhta Tennis Club had survived two World Wars and trained many outstanding Russian tennis players, including Yevgeny Kudryavtsev, a seventeen-time National Champion. In the 1960s the Club was closed and torn down.

Another event is the start of the Tennis Academy construction. Gazprom and the Administration of St. Petersburg decided to revive the tennis traditions in Lakhta. Gazprom is a socially responsible Company and it will help train new world-class tennis players.” 

Gazprom and consortium of Japanese companies sign Memorandum of Understanding on Vladivostok-LNG project

At the meeting our Japanese colleagues noted that gas demand in Japan was expected to keep growing, and we will build our plans based on this. We agreed that our specialists would work with potential customers. For this purpose a number of people being employed in Japan will be increased. In the short run we will arrange an on-the-spot visit to the Far East for potential customers, where they will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the construction site of the future plant, the operation of the gas transmission system and the resource base for the project.

Gazprom and consortium of Japanese companies sign Memorandum of Understanding on Vladivostok-LNG project

Odawara Castle, Japan

Alexey Miller about new LNG plant

“The new LNG plant project is targeted, first of all, at European markets. Besides, we are looking at the possibility of LNG-LNG swap deals. We are also focused on the Latin American countries that show interest in expanding and diversifying LNG supplies.”

Gazprom to build LNG plant onshore Gulf of Finland

“Gazprom took the decision to launch a fundamentally new and ambitious project – the construction of an LNG plant in the Leningrad Region. I mean the project that we announced recently. The plant capacity will be 10 million tons per year. Today we started developing an Investment Rationale and selecting a construction site.”

Russian gas supplies to China to be priced without linkage to Henry Hub

“The price of gas to be supplied to China won't be linked to the US spot market prices”

West Lake, China