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Speech by Alexey Miller at the European Business Congress Annual General Meeting and Conference “Energy Security and New Capabilities of Natural Gas”

Obviously, in the energy sector the 21st century is bound to become the age of gas, as the 2025th century was the age of oil and the 19th – firewood and coal. Real opportunities are available for it: huge reserves of the “blue fuel” (according to the most recent estimates they reach 190 trillion cubic meters with more than 33 trillion owned by Gazprom), state-of-the-art technologies enabling gas production not only onshore, but also offshore, a relatively low price and high environmental friendliness, valuable experience in transmission, including deep-sea vessels.

Alexey Miller

Full load testing successfully completed at Nord Stream gas pipeline

“The tests have shown that all systems are up and running. The offshore gas pipeline and the onshore infrastructure of the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia are ready to supply our European consumers with the maximum gas amounts via Nord Stream during the upcoming autumn-winter period.”

Full load testing was successfully completed at Nord Stream gas pipeline

Nord Stream’s all systems are up and running!

Application of the price formula calculated for large diameter pipes helps build up long-term cooperation of Gazprom and Russian pipe manufactures

“The price formula is the cornerstone of our relationships with Russian pipe manufacturers. We are not going to be concentrated just on large diameter pipes. We are actively working on setting the price formula for other types of pipes, including the seamless pipes.”

Gazprom and Russian manufacturers of large diameter pipes signed Agreements on using a price formula

Alexey Miller (on right in foreground)

Congratulations on Victory Day!

Dear veterans! Esteemed colleagues!

On behalf of the Gazprom Management Committee and my personal behalf I sincerely congratulate you with the great holiday – Victory Day!

Our fathers and grandfathers went through the epic battlefields suffering from the endless losses and hardships of war towards the long-awaited veritable national Victory. This is the day when the world recalls with gratefulness the remarkable role that belonged to our country in freeing mankind from fascism.

On Victory Day we bow our heads to millions of victims who died during the Great Patriotic War, we recall deeds of valor of those who brought the victory and those who were on the home front.

Dear veterans!

We will always remember the high price given to save the mankind. You brought peace and freedom to your country and European people, disputed every inch of ground and defended the right to live for your children and grandchildren. Your incredible feat of arms will always serve as an example of true love to your country and steely determination.

On this glorious day I wish you a robust health, happiness, prosperity, the peaceful sky over your heads and all the best.

Congratulations on the Victory Day!

Congratulations on the Victory Day!