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  • On raising Russian gas transmission via Belarus

    “In 2012 Gazprom will raise by 4 billion cubic meters the amount of Russian gas transmission via Belarus to the EU countries.”

    Gazprom to raise gas transmission via Belarus by 4 billion cubic meters in 2012

    Gas transmission route in Belarus

    On building up the Azerbaijani gas purchase

    “We have been doubling the purchase of Azerbaijani gas for the second consecutive year. The Russian-Azerbaijani energy partnership is developing at a good pace and that demonstrates the mutual aspiration for further buildup of hydrocarbons supplies. The absence of upper limit for the gas purchase amount, geographic proximity, well-developed gas transmission infrastructure and no transiting zones make natural gas export to Russia most profitable for Azerbaijan.”

    Gazprom doubling Azerbaijani gas purchase

    On the South Stream project launch

    “We have everything in place to significantly expedite the previously announced date of the South Stream construction launch. We have a regulatory basis, great interest of the project participants in Europe, the required funds and the unique track record of delivering large-scale gas transmission projects offshore. The project is in great demand, people are looking forward to it and we are ready to launch it.”

    On the operating results of 2011

    “Year 2011 ended on a good note for Gazprom. The Company produced and supplied to the market more than 513 billion cubic meters of gas.”