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  • South Stream to be designed for maximum annual throughput of 63 billion cubic meters

    Answering the question posed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the South Stream gas pipeline construction starting date, Alexey Miller noted, “We will begin construction this December. Mr. Medvedev, all the instructions required to design the gas pipeline for the throughput of 63 billion cubic meters of gas will be immediately given.”

    Alexey Miller reports to Dmitry Medvedev on progress with South Stream

    Dmitry Medvedev and Alexey Miller. Photo by RIAN

    On the South Stream construction

    “We have brought South Stream to the actual construction stage. It is no exaggeration to say that Gazprom is busy with the project 24 hours a day. This abnormally cold winter, which caused a spike in demand for Russian gas in Europe, is another proof that South Stream has to be and will be built. Europe is in need for the new corridors delivering Russian gas with no transiters.”

    Alexey Miller: This winter is another proof that South Stream has to be and will be built

    The San Giuliano channel, Venice, Italy, February 6, 2012. Photo AP