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  • Gazprom and NOVATEK extend Memorandum of Cooperation

    “In the nearest future Gazprom and NOVATEK will make a further step towards setting up a joint venture on LNG production in Yamal. The relevant documents will be signed next January.”

    Yamal Peninsula

    Yamal Peninsula

    Alexey Miller moderates extended meeting of Coordination Committee for Informatization

    “Lately, one of Gazprom's competitive advantages has been prompt managerial decision making. The widespread introduction of information management systems will permit the Company to further strengthen this competitive advantage.”

    RUSNANO’s objective is to provide tangible long-term economic effect to Gazprom

    “Gazprom is the largest pipe consumer in the world. We implement unique gas transmission projects that are colossal by scale. This year the world's cutting-edge Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas trunkline system was commissioned. The building of South Stream, currently the largest investment project in Europe, is underway. The Yakutia – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok gas pipeline has transitioned to the construction phase. It will be the core element of the Power of Siberia gas transmission system.

    Ambitious gas transmission projects of Gazprom offer enormous opportunities for the development and adoption of comprehensive scientific solutions. And RUSNANO's objective is to provide a tangible long-term economic effect from these solutions to Gazprom in the long term.”

    Ambitious gas transmission projects of Gazprom offer enormous opportunities for development and adoption of comprehensive scientific solutions

    Ambitious gas transmission projects of Gazprom offer enormous opportunities for development and adoption of comprehensive scientific solutions

    New Year and Christmas greetings!

    Esteemed colleagues, dear friends!

    On behalf of the Gazprom Management Committee and my personal behalf, I would like to warmly congratulate you on the New Year and Christmas!

    Alexey Miller

    Alexey Miller

    These cheerful holidays are connected with hopes that all our plans will be fulfilled and our dreams will come true. But better future doesn't come by itself. The success of tomorrow depends on how much is contributed to it today. This simple truth may be applied to the gas industry as well. In the outgoing year we did a lot for the future.

    Gas production has started in the most severe conditions of Yamal. A new gas production center on the Yamal Peninsula will be the biggest one in the country. Natural gas from the Bovanenkovo field started its way to consumers via the unique gas transmission system. We are the first country to implement such a tremendous project in the Arctic latitude. This is the start of a new era in the global gas industry.

    The development of new regions in Eastern Russia has continued. As part of the Eastern Gas Program, two gas production centers have already been formed in Sakhalin and Kamchatka, the next one is to be formed in Yakutia. In the outgoing year the final investment decision has been signed for the Chayandinskoye field – the cornerstone of the Yakutia gas production center. A gas pipeline will be constructed for gas deliveries.

    While developing new regions, we do not forget about conventional fields. We try to operate them in the most efficient way, obtain the highest output.

    In 2012 Gazprom's record-high investments in the gasification of Russia yielded a considerable result – natural gas was for the first time brought to another 429 population centers. In other words, one more gasified population center appeared in Russia every day!

    We are also concerned about the promising future of our European neighbors. That's why as early as today we construct new gas pipelines which will secure uninterrupted gas supplies to Europe for decades to come. In 2012 we brought Nord Stream to its design capacity and started the construction of South Stream.

    Esteemed colleagues,

    I thank you all for the great work done in the outgoing year. This work builds up our successful future. Let the coming year be beneficent for Russia, for Gazprom, for all of us. I wish you happiness, wellbeing and strong health!

    Gazprom finishes heat supply system reconstruction in Petrodvortsovy district of Saint Petersburg and opens health and fitness center built as part of Gazprom for Children program in Lomonosov

    “Previously, the heat supply system in the Petrodvortsovy district was in an awful state. Regular accidents resulted in permanent shutdowns of heat and hot water supply equipment. Gazprom has changed the situation. New high-tech networks must serve at least half a century and residents of Lomonosov, Strelna and Peterhof will finally receive heat without interruptions. Starting next year, summer hot water outages will be ended in the entire district. Especially important is the fact that natural gas will improve the climate of one of the most beautiful districts of Saint Petersburg.”

    “Gazprom is doing everything possible to enable an increasing number of children and young people practice sports. This makes our country stronger!”

    Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Petersburg and Alexey Miller at boiler house in Lomonosov municipality (Saint Petersburg)

    Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Petersburg and Alexey Miller at boiler house in Lomonosov municipality (Saint Petersburg)

    An unprecedented upsurge in gas supplies to the European market was observed since the beginning of December

    An unprecedented upsurge in gas supplies to the European market was observed since the beginning of December, and during the past day a historical maximum of Russian gas supplies to Europe was reached – 550.1 million cubic meters. This is another evidence of the timeliness and relevance of such projects as Nord Stream and South Stream.

    We declare 2013 to be the Year of Ecology in Gazprom

    “We declare 2013 the Year of Ecology in Gazprom. The Company will run more than 1,200 events: from introducing innovative technologies at gas production and transmission facilities for mitigating environmental impacts to educational campaigns and rendering support to specially protected natural areas. At least RUB 5.5 billion will be allocated for these purposes.”

    2013 declared the Year of Ecology in Gazprom


    Negotiations on eastern route of gas supplies to China transition to practical stage

    “Adoption of the final investment decision on the project for pre-developing the Chayandinskoye field and building the Yakutia – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok gas trunkline has launched the practical stage of the negotiations on eastern route of gas supplies to China. No doubt, this is the breakthrough moment of our efforts in Eastern Russia.”

    Chayandinskoye project

    Chayandinskoye project

    Gazprom presents Eastern Russia’s biggest Chayanda project in Yakutia

    “Gazprom is already engaged in production activities in Sakhalin and Kamchatka and natural gas is being supplied to consumers. In October operations started at the Yakutia gas production center and the new gas transmission system to Vladivostok. At the next stage the GTS will be connected to the Irkutsk and, subsequently, the Krasnoyarsk centers. Developing these enormous resources will be a key factor in fostering most of Eastern Siberian and the Far Eastern economic sectors to be interconnected by a powerful gas transmission system.

    Our ultimate goal is to unite major gas production centers and gas trunklines in Eastern and Western Russia: from the Baltic region and the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean.”



    South Stream gas pipeline construction starts up

    “The start-up of South Stream construction is indeed a historical event. The project embodies the intention of Russia and the countries of Southern and Central Europe to strengthen the partnership in the energy sector and to create a new reliable system of Russian gas supplies to European consumers.

    South Stream is a comprehensive infrastructure project that gives a powerful impetus to development of the economies in the participating countries.”

    Alexey Miller

    Alexey Miller

    Interview by Alexey Miller with TV Rossiya 24

    Now I may say that today we are witnessing a really historical event – the start of the South Stream gas pipeline construction. And we scored this victory together with our partners. In a very short period of time we completed the pre-design and the pre-investment stage. And we start the gas pipeline construction in strict compliance with the schedule.

    On the Third Energy Package

    “Implementation of the new European energy legislation may result in negative consequences for the European countries themselves. The liberalization model underlying the Third Energy Package, which the EU is going to apply to the gas market, in the end will have a negative impact on ultimate consumers. The Third Energy Package in its current state demotivates investors, distancing them from their investment governance. The projected reform creates a grave risk of the EU energy sector underinvestment.

    Gazprom's activities always comply with the rules of the markets the Company works in. We are engaged in a dialogue with the EU on the application of the Third Energy Package and we offered them to grant a special status to transboundary pipelines through which gas is supplied to Europe from Russia. This will enable to respect the interests of Russian investors in the European fuel and energy sector in a proper way and, thus, contribute to increasing energy security in Europe.”

    Alexey Miller moderates 27th meeting of EBC Presiding Committee in Berlin

    Alexey Miller moderates 27th meeting of EBC Presiding Committee in Berlin