Congratulations on Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day!

Dear friends, esteemed colleagues!

On behalf of Gazprom's Management Committee and my personal behalf I heartily congratulate you on Oil and Gas Industry Workers Day!

It is much more than just a professional holiday. The reason for this, first of all, is that millions of Russian citizens throughout the country enjoy the advantages derived from natural gas and oil. Gazprom plays a crucial role here: our Company is the leading player in the Russian gas market and is one of the largest domestic oil suppliers.

Nowadays, Gazprom continues to follow the path towards large-scale and comprehensive development. We produce and supply Russian and foreign consumers with energy carriers (natural gas, oil and electric power) vital for the expansion of the contemporary economy. Gazprom progresses steadily. This was clearly demonstrated by the 2011 results, many of which were record high.

This trend is being maintained in 2012, as well. We penetrate new gas production regions that will be of primary importance in the coming decades, intensely place new gas pipelines and annually expand the Russian Regions Gasification Program. In 2012 Gazprom's investments in gasification will hit the record level again.

The increasing importance is being given by the Company to natural gas vehicles in addition to the gasification of industrial enterprises and the household sector. Expanding the NGV fuel sales market as maximally as possible is among our top-priority tasks in the domestic market. For the entire country this means better environmental conditions and road transport economics, and for us – a prominent and lucrative business.

Another top-priority activity for Gazprom is the oil segment. The strategic development guidelines of Gazprom Neft serving as the foundation of our oil business stipulate that by 2020 production will reach 100 million tons of oil equivalent per year and refining – 70 million tons of oil per year. Gazprom Neft moves ahead confidently so as to attain these figures by building up production, expanding its geographic reach and upgrading the refining capacities.

Gazprom remains a pro-active player in the domestic power market. It is the largest Russian investor in this industry. Our aim is to strongly boost the power generation efficiency and engage the available capacities to attain the level of the world's largest generating companies.

Dear colleagues!

As in previous years we are celebrating our holiday with strong operating results and ambitious goals. Gazprom is a modern, innovative and rapidly developing company that not only meets all of the demands of today's global market, but also has a significant influence on it. We are at the forefront of the global gas industry history and intend to retain our positions. Our work is vitally important for millions of consumers both in Russia and abroad. Gazprom will always be a reliable partner for them.

I am convinced that the high professional skills and experience of our Company's managers, experts and workers as well as their hard work and commitment will permit Gazprom to conquer new frontiers in the global energy market.

Dear friends, esteemed colleagues! With all my heart I wish robust health, happiness and prosperity to you and your beloved ones. Happy holiday!

Alexey Miller

Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom