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  • On cooperation with the Republic of Altai

    “The Republic of Altai is a strategic partner of Gazprom. Starting from 2007, we have taken a sustained and proactive approach to joint gasification of the region. As a result, natural gas has arrived in two largest population centers of Altai: Gorno-Altaisk and the Maima village. Underway is the construction of inter-settlement gas pipelines to another five population centers. Gazprom and the Altai Government fully comply with the synchronization schedule.”

    Alexey Miller and Alexander Berdnikov

    Alexey Miller and Alexander Berdnikov

    On South Stream

    “Having united many European countries around itself, the South Stream project will not merely eliminate current deficiencies in the development of the region's gas infrastructure but will also contribute to further regional collaboration.

    Thanks to the highly professional and organized efforts of all project partners today we see the South Stream not as an idea or a starting project, but as the construction site that is being prepared and concrete plan of actions.”

    Alexey Miller during South Stream project presentation in Brussels

    Alexey Miller