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  • On cooperation with RWE

    “The power industry is one of the priorities of Gazprom in Europe. In light of recent decisions by the German government to reduce their nuclear power programs, we see good prospects for the construction of new modern gas fired power plants in Germany. The signed Memorandum provides RWE with exclusive rights for negotiations with Gazprom on the implementation of energy projects in Germany, UK and the Benelux countries for a period of three months.”

    On negotiations with Belarus

    “Considering that the negotiations will continue in autumn, that is, on the eve of the heating season, we will have to take an integrated approach to obtaining a shareholding in Beltransgaz by Gazprom as well as to the terms and conditions for Russian gas supply and transit, although we are reluctant to do this. It is not our fault that the negotiating process has, unfortunately, dragged on. Our colleagues have overlooked the time when they could first settle the Beltransgaz-related issues and then sign the gas supply and transit agreements as a 100 per cent owner of the company. Nevertheless, we have every opportunity to settle the outstanding issues long before the expiry of the existing contract for gas supply to Belarus.”

    On cooperation with GDF SUEZ

    “We highly and positively appreciate the results of collaboration with GDF SUEZ.”

    On the gas price adjustment for Ukraine

    “I have nothing new to say. The gas price adjustment for our Ukrainian friends may be considered upon the merger of Gazprom and NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy.”

    On the negotiations for acquisition of a 50 per cent stake in Beltransgaz by Gazprom

    “Unfortunately, the Belarusian party goes on associating the opportunity for signing the documents on Beltransgaz with settling the terms and conditions of a new contract for gas supply to Belarus. We believe that it may drag on the negotiation process still changing nothing in fact.”

    On cooperation between Russia and Japan in the energy sector

    “Based upon the projects implemented so far the Japanese party realized that Gazprom is a reliable partner. Thus, the Sakhalin II project has become a symbol of successful cooperation between Russia and Japan in the energy sector. Apparently, the Japanese market will demonstrate the demand for considerable amount of additional Russian natural gas. Gazprom is ready to develop wide and mutually beneficial cooperation with Japan fully meeting the additional demand for gas.”