Alexey Miller's column

On arrangement of the corporate Fakel festival final in Minsk in 2013

“On the New Year's Eve it is common to give presents. I believe we could make a decision right now that the next final of our festival takes place in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. There is no doubt a bright and colorful arts festival is perceived as a present, and I am sure Gazprom transgaz Belarus will host this large-scale event at the highest level. The decision has been made, so be ready to take in guests and friends.”

Speech by Alexey Miller at the pre-New Year telephone conference

Esteemed colleagues, dear friends!

On behalf of the Gazprom Management Committee and my personal behalf, I would like to congratulate all the employees of Gazprom Group and the gas industry veterans with wonderful holidays – the New Year and Christmas!

The outgoing year of 2011 was full of significant and large-scale events surrounding the rapid development of Gazprom. They took place throughout our huge Allied State – Russia and Belarus.

Alexey Miller speaking at pre-New Year telephone conference

Alexey Miller

On obtaining the permit for South Stream construction from Turkey

“The construction permit granted by Turkey was the most serious acknowledgement of the fact that the project would be executed fully on schedule, specifically before the end of 2015.

I would like to express special gratitude to our Turkish friends for the constructive efforts and understanding, especially for prompt examination of all issues during the last days of the outgoing year. I would like to congratulate all the South Stream project participants and our partners on obtaining the construction permit. It is a very nice present for the New Year.”

New Year and Christmas greetings!

Dear colleagues,

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Gazprom Management Committee and my personal behalf, I would like to warmly congratulate you on the wonderful holidays – the New Year and Christmas!

Alexey Miller

Alexey Miller

In the outgoing year Gazprom wrote several significant events into the gas industry history. The first string of Nord Stream – the unique and unparalleled gas pipeline – has been built. Now, Russian gas is flowing to Europe directly. The Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok gas transmission system has been commissioned. As a result, the large-scale gasification process in the Far East has been launched and the conditions for gas supplies to the Asia-Pacific countries have been created. Construction of Dzhubga – Lazarevskoye – Sochi, the first offshore gas pipeline in Russia and the main energy thoroughfare of the Winter Olympic Games 2014, has been completed.

In 2011 the Company allocated more than RUB 29 billion – the record investment volume – for the gasification of the Russian regions. These funds allowed to supply gas to some 390 towns and settlements around the country. In Russian underground gas storage facilities the operating reserve of 65.2 billion cubic meters, the largest one in the domestic gas industry history, was created. The power generating capacities of above 1.7 GW built by Gazprom throughout the country only in 2011 exceeded those created by RAO UES of Russia during the entire period of its existence.

These achievements clearly demonstrate that Gazprom is carrying out all of its scheduled plans and is steadily moving towards its main objective – leadership in the global energy market.

In the coming year 2012 the Company's strategic projects implementation will be continued. It is planned to commission the Bovanenkovo field before schedule as part of the Yamal megaproject, to start oil production from the Prirazlomnoye field and to complete construction of Nord Stream's second string. These are just a few of our efforts. I am confident that the team of Gazprom's employees will cope with all the outstanding tasks in an appropriate manner.

Dear colleagues! I wish that every day of the coming year will be challenging and rewarding. I wish happiness, wellbeing and sound health to you and your loved ones!

On the Yo-Mobile project

“I really liked the car, it's very unusual and breaks the mould. The most important is that the technology has been developed in Russia and Gazprom is ready to support the Yo-Mobile project. For us it is interesting as an NGV fuel market driver, gas will also be used when producing composite materials for this car.

Environmental benefits are of no less importance. The key pollutants emitted by a gas powered engine are much fewer than those emitted by a gasoline powered one.

Promoting the NGV fuel use, Gazprom will be the general sponsor of the Yo sports team. Being the future general sponsor and supporting this team, we are expecting the new records which yet again show the advantage of gas use as a motor fuel”.

Alexey Miller in driver’s seat of Yo-Concept

Alexey Miller in driver’s seat of Yo-Concept

On cooperation with Siemens

“For more than 15 years Gazprom and Siemens have been successfully implementing the joint projects in automation and computerization. Siemens innovative technologies, including digital communications and telecommunications, are widely in use at the Gazprom production facilities. I believe that in the nearest future, bringing together our efforts and experience, we will carry on to work actively in many other key business areas, including creation of the service infrastructure for the Gazprom energy facilities, implementation of the LNG production technologies and energy efficiency projects.”

At meeting with Alexey Miller and Peter Loescher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens

At meeting with Alexey Miller and Peter Loescher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens

On the European Business Congress

“In spite of the financial crisis deepening in Europe and the negative trend in the gross domestic product of some European countries, Gazprom' supplies to non-CIS countries have grown almost 11 per cent and will make 151.5 billion cubic meters by the end of 2011. Therefore, a key theme of the next EBC General Meeting is very acute. All our new projects aimed to increase transmission capacities are in demand. In this regard, we welcome the decision of Bulgaria to assign South Stream the status of a national project. This will allow to implement the Bulgarian part of the project in strict accordance with the construction schedule and to make South Stream operational by the end of 2015.”

On progress in negotiations with Ukraine

“There is a certain progress in the negotiations. I believe we may enter into agreements on cooperation deepening in the gas sector before the year end.”