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  • Naftogaz Ukrainy is obliged to annually pay for at least 33 billion cubic meters of gas under contract

    In 2012 Gazprom may supply Ukraine with 27 or 26 or 29 billion cubic meters of natural gas. It may supply no gas at all, if Ukraine wants so.

    But the point is that in any case Naftogaz Ukrainy will annually pay for at least 33 billion cubic meters of gas. These are the “take-or-pay” terms under the existing contract, and they will apply both this year and throughout the contract period.

    On construction of sports and recreation complexes in St. Petersburg

    “Our company actively cooperates with St. Petersburg, also as part of the Gazprom to Children program. Ten sports and recreation complexes have been already built, including six opening today. One more complex will be commissioned by the year-end.

    In the nearest years, besides the construction of new sports and recreation complexes, we are planning to start the construction of specialized sport facilities in St. Petersburg. People who decided to commit themselves to professional sport will also use them.

    I am pleased that through implementing the Gazprom to Children program, our company is able to contribute to the upbringing of healthy and self-motivated younger generation. I am sure that it is the insurance of Russia's future success.”

    Gazprom opened six sports and recreation complexes in St. Petersburg

    Georgy Poltavchenko and Alexey Miller (center)