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  • On securing the injection of necessary gas volumes into Ukraine’s UGS facilities by the autumn/winter 2010–2011 period startup

    “We should proceed from the fact that NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy has to replenish its UGS facilities with the required gas volumes by the beginning of the 2010–2011 autumn/wither period in order to smoothly overcome this peak load period, said Alexey Miller. He emphasized that this challenge had to be met both for securing gas supplies to Ukraine's consumers and for performing reliable Russian gas transit to Europe.”

    On completion of Phase I financing for Nord Stream

    “The completion of Phase I financing is a landmark event in the development of Nord Stream and helps take the project from concept to reality. Nord Stream solidifies the long-standing energy relationship between Russia and Europe, a relationship that has lasted nearly forty years. Gazprom is delighted to be part of a venture that will provide reliable supplies of Russian energy to Europe for many decades to come.”

    From Alexey Miller's speech delivered at the meeting on Yakutia gas production center creation

    “Addressing the meeting, Alexey Miller underlined that the Eastern Gas Program implementation was among Gazprom’s strategic priorities at the moment. He particularly mentioned the tough deadline set by the Government for bringing onstream the prioritized facilities in Yakutia: launching the Yakutia – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok gas transportation system (GTS) construction in 2012, starting oil and gas production from the Chayanda field – 2014 and 2016, accordingly. In parallel, the top-priority gas processing and gas chemical facilities are to be put onstream in 2016. When completed, these facilities will make a great contribution to the efficient development of the Chayanda field with its multi-component gas containing helium.

    Alexey Miller and Vyacheslav Shtyrov (center)

    Alexey Miller and Vyacheslav Shtyrov (center)

    Creation of the Yakutia gas production center within the state-run Eastern Gas Program will demand coordinated efforts of Gazprom, federal and regional authorities. When creating the Yakutia gas production center, Gazprom focuses on the comprehensive approach involving the synchronized commissioning of facilities. To achieve this goal, a particular detailed plan of cooperation between Gazprom and Yakutia’s Government is to be worked out.

    Alexey Miller stated that Gazprom was intensively exploring the Chayanda field and had already completed a great scope of seismic survey and drilled initial wells. The schedule of activities on the Chayanda field development was adopted.

    The Gazprom Management Committee Chairman highlighted that engineering of hydrocarbons production, transportation and processing facilities had to be stepped up. That is also required to ensure synchronization with a series of Yakutian infrastructure projects partially funded from the federal budget. At the moment, a new energy supply, network and transportation infrastructure is being intensively shaped in the Republic and the project decisions being adopted should be optimal and meet the needs of gas workers, inter alia.

    ‘Federal support could contribute significantly to the progressive development of the gas industry in Eastern Russia. This is especially important during the payback period,’ said Alexey Miller.

    Optimal loading of the Yakutia – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok GTS with at least 30 billion cubic meters of gas per annum will be very important for efficient development of the Yakutia Center through involvement of all regional gas resources. In this regard, Gazprom submitted requests to the Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency for obtaining the right to use the subsoil resources of the Srednetyungskoye, Tas-Yuryakhskoye, Sobolokh-Nedzhelinskoye and Verkhnevilyuchanskoye fields listed as the fields of federal significance.

    ‘Developing gas supply to and gasification of Yakutia is a crucial issue of the cooperation between Gazprom and the Republic. At the same time, the Company is ready not only to start the gasification of Yakutia’s southern regions from 2016, when the first indigenous gas extraction in the Chayanda field is to be commenced, but to take part in earlier local gasification projects as well,’ stressed Alexey Miller.

    He also paid attention to the fact that the Yakutia gas production center creation and development envisaged engagement of highly qualified personnel, who might take pre-training courses in the Republic. In this context, Gazprom supports the decision by Yakutia’s Government to set up in Yakutsk a specialized department in the Northeastern Federal University.”

    On energy partnership with GDF SUEZ

    “35 years ago the first contracts to supply Russia's natural gas to Gaz de France were signed. Since that time, Russian-French cooperation in the energy sector has rested on a firm will of the parties to build strong, long-term relationship and to develop a partnership based on respect for the balance of interests of suppliers and consumers. As a result, France has been among the five largest buyers of Russian gas for a number of years now and our interaction is not limited to gas supplies any more – it also includes such areas as energy saving, construction and operation of underground gas storage facilities, LNG sales, scientific and technical cooperation, advanced training of specialists. The illustrious cultural and sports projects implemented by Gazprom and GDF SUEZ deserve special attention.

    We are confident that the development of our partnership will not slow down – this has been proven by the signing of the Memorandum on additional supplies of Russian natural gas and on the Nord Stream project. Participation of GDF SUEZ in the construction of this gas pipeline confirms its importance for ensuring sustainable energy supply to Europe. Vast experience in joint implementation of energy projects and a creative approach to new challenges give Gazprom and GDF SUEZ every right to call our collaboration the benchmark for energy partnerships.”

    On signing Memorandum with regard to additional gas supplies to GDF SUEZ and Nord Stream project

    “The Nord Stream is a strategically important pipeline for Europe. The value of the project is difficult to overestimate, as it will be an additional guarantor of energy security for millions of consumers and give them confidence in the future. The Nord Stream is a good example of an offshore gas pipeline complying with stringent international environmental requirements. It has recently received the last approval needed to begin construction this April. Together with our counterparts from GDF SUEZ, we believe that the Nord Stream will not merely strengthen cooperation between our companies, but will also help develop the energy sector of the entire continent and be another factor in the success of the long-term Russian-French partnership in the gas industry.”

    Signing Memorandum with regard to additional gas supplies to GDF SUEZ and Nord Stream project

    Signing Memorandum with regard to additional gas supplies to GDF SUEZ and Nord Stream project