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  • On cooperation between Gazprom and Russian Technologies

    “Application of high technologies is a significant competitive advantage and an essential part of efficient company development on the global energy market. This is absolutely the case with Gazprom. We deliver unique and sophisticated energy projects utilizing innovative approaches and unparalleled equipment produced domestically and abroad.

    Today’s Agreement is a crucial step aimed at considerably increasing the innovative potential of both our Company and Russia. I am convinced that the mutually-beneficial cooperation between Gazprom and Russian Technologies will strongly bolster the domestic science, industry and energy sectors.”

    Sergey Chemezov and Alexey Miller

    Sergey Chemezov and Alexey Miller

    On the launch of the Portovaya compressor station

    “We have started building the last facility of the onshore section of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. We will launch construction of the offshore section this spring.

    The Portovaya CS will be a unique gas transmission facility in terms of aggregate capacity, working pressure (220 Ata), gas transmission distance and daily gas dehydration volume. The station is unparalleled in the world. This facility is at the forefront of the sci-tech progress in the gas industry. When implementing this project Gazprom will utilize novel equipment and cutting-edge technologies. The station will secure gas transmission over the distance of 1,200 kilometers via the Nord Stream and no extra compressor stations will be built on the German coast.

    The CS construction is a crucial stage in Gazprom’s activities aimed at diversifying the Russian gas supply routes and enhancing the European energy security.”

    Left – Alexey Miller

    Left – Alexey Miller

    On establishing new Department to coordinate South Stream project execution

    “The large-scale South Stream project, being of special importance for increasing the reliability of gas supply to Europe and engaging a big number of foreign partners, requires consolidation of Gazprom’s efforts for prompt execution of the most prioritized project of the Company. I am sure the immense experience and credibility of Leonid Chugunov will help build an optimal and efficient structure of the project management.”

    On the startup of natural gas procurement from Azerbaijan

    “The beginning of 2010 was marked with a very important event – Gazprom has started up natural gas procurement from Azerbaijan for the first time ever. During the last year we held very constructive negotiations with our Azerbaijani counterparts and as soon as in a few months after the contract signing, natural gas was supplied to our system.

    It should be noted that we had no doubt these arrangements were achievable. Objectively, Gazprom offered the most competitive conditions of gas purchase from Azerbaijan since we had everything needed for that purpose: the common borders and the gas transmission infrastructure under operation.

    A specific feature of the contract signed is that it does not limit the maximum amount of gas purchase. We’ll buy as much gas as the Azerbaijani party will be able to supply. This is unparalleled in any other contract of Gazprom, which additionally proves a high level of our partnership relations.

    I believe we have laid the first cornerstone of successful and mutually beneficial cooperation in the gas industry between Russia and Azerbaijan for many years to come.”