On the startup of natural gas procurement from Azerbaijan

“The beginning of 2010 was marked with a very important event – Gazprom has started up natural gas procurement from Azerbaijan for the first time ever. During the last year we held very constructive negotiations with our Azerbaijani counterparts and as soon as in a few months after the contract signing, natural gas was supplied to our system.

It should be noted that we had no doubt these arrangements were achievable. Objectively, Gazprom offered the most competitive conditions of gas purchase from Azerbaijan since we had everything needed for that purpose: the common borders and the gas transmission infrastructure under operation.

A specific feature of the contract signed is that it does not limit the maximum amount of gas purchase. We’ll buy as much gas as the Azerbaijani party will be able to supply. This is unparalleled in any other contract of Gazprom, which additionally proves a high level of our partnership relations.

I believe we have laid the first cornerstone of successful and mutually beneficial cooperation in the gas industry between Russia and Azerbaijan for many years to come.”