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  • On closing the asset swap deal between Gazprom and E.ON AG as part of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field development project

    Alexey Miller

    Alexey Miller

    “On this remarkable day, having acquired a 25 per cent stake in the Yuzhno-Russkoye field development project, E.ON AG joined Gazprom’s gas production projects. There is no doubt that it is a qualitative breakthrough in cooperation between our companies. Today we may say that our cooperation is of strategic importance. It is gaining pace in every sphere of activities. The point is that E.ON AG has not only joined Gazprom’s production projects. Today we cooperate along the entire production chain from upstream do downstream. From now we cooperate with E.ON in production, transmission and distribution operations. Electric power generation is another promising field of joint efforts.”

    “It should be noted that during today’s meeting with our German counterparts we agreed that we would consider their potential engagement in the Yamal fields development. In addition, there are outstanding prospects in the European electric power industry within joint projects as well.

    We are sure that the deal closed today will help further strengthen our friendly ties, and that's the way I put it – our joint efforts are not only cooperation of partners, but colleagues and friends. Over the recent decades the companies have got to know each other very well. The managers and specialists established not only business but friendly ties. E.ON AG is a serious and important partner of us on the European market.

    The European gas market is rapidly growing and we are very glad to observe new positive upward trends in demand for Russian gas on the European market, especially over the recent two months. Russian gas supply volumes are constantly growing. There has been an upsurge in the amount of gas deliveries this year if compared to 2008. On a number of days we observed a 15 per cent increase. Meanwhile, the supplies to the European market have exceeded the pre-crises level. In this context, the trends are very positive and the deal in relation to joint development of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field makes our European consumers feel confident that Russian gas will always be delivered on time and in full, that Gazprom is a reliable gas supplier to the European market with spotless reputation. Today I am thankful to our negotiation teams that have been scrupulously working for a number of years on the deal, which is really fundamental. I would like to reiterate that it is a qualitative breakthrough in cooperation with E.ON AG,” said Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee.

    On the Kasimovskoye UGS – Voskresensk CS gas trunkline commissioning

    “We are commissioning this pipeline before the winter season begins. Moscow and its suburbs annually consume 45 billion cubic meters. The bulk of gas is consumed in winter. Taking into account considerable volumes of gas supplies to the region, spells of extremely cold weather brought about the maximum loading of gas pipelines.

    Capable of transmitting up to 130 million cubic meters, the Kasimovskoye UGS – Voskresensk CS trunkline will provide consumers with additional volumes of gas, thus entirely eliminating this problem. The trunkline will provide highly reliable and uninterrupted gas supply to Moscow and its suburbs.”

    During the celebrations dedicated to the Kasimovskoye UGS – Voskresensk CS gas trunkline commissioning

    During the celebrations dedicated to the Kasimovskoye UGS – Voskresensk CS gas trunkline commissioning

    On additional routes for Russian gas supply to Europe

    “We observe an increased demand for Russian gas in Europe over the recent two months. So far, daily gas consumption has already exceeded the level reached before the crisis. Due to gradual depletion of reserves on the continent, it will be impossible to meet the European gas demand in a sustainable manner without additional Russian gas supply routes, including the South Stream.”

    On importance of South Stream and Banatski Dvor projects for Southeastern Europe and Serbia

    “South Stream and Banatski Dvor are the projects of strategic importance to the entire Southeastern Europe. Once constructed, the transnational gas pipeline will diversify the Russian gas export routes and cut the transit risks, while the UGS facility will help optimize the amount of hydrocarbons supply in line with seasonal fluctuations.

    Comprehensive execution of the projects will reinforce Serbia’s energy security, provide the financial, resource and technological basis for the country’s industrial development making it a key player on the Balkan gas market.”

    On cooperation with Electricite de France (EDF)

    “Gazprom is interested in developing long-term mutually-beneficial multi-lateral cooperation with EDF, an acknowledged leader of the European energy market. South Stream, being a strategic project in terms of enhancing reliability and stability of natural gas supplies to Europe, will become the basis for this cooperation.”

    Shtokman project – a key to industrial development of Northern European Russia. Speech by Alexey Miller at the International Economic Forum in Murmansk

    “The project for the Shtokman gas and condensate field development, being implemented in the Murmansk Oblast, is not only a largest project of Gazprom, but a strategic one on the national level”.

    On signing the purchase and sale contract for Azerbaijani gas

    “Gazprom owns the world’s largest contract portfolio for gas supply to the domestic and foreign markets as well as an advanced and flexible gas transmission system; Russia and Azerbaijan have a common border and have already been connected by the unified infrastructure. This enabled Gazprom to propose the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic the most attractive commercial terms and conditions of gas purchase. Our partnership is logically consistent and fully meets our mutual interests. I am confident that in the coming years the volume of Azerbaijani gas supplied to Russia will increase and today’s contract will lay the foundation for the long-term strategic cooperation in the oil and gas sector between Gazprom and SOCAR.”

    Speech by Alexey Miller at the meeting of Prime Ministers of Russia and China with the business community in Beijing

    “Russia and China are strategic partners in various areas, including, first of all, the energy industry. Russia holds abundant hydrocarbon resources in the east, while China’s demand for energy carriers is constantly growing irrespective of the global economic situation. It is obvious that establishing long-term mutually-beneficial and partnership relations in the natural gas supplies sector is a strategic target that, if reached, will promote sustainable development of our countries”.

    Vesti-24 TV Channel

    “Everybody comprehends perfectly that the role of Russia and Gazprom will steadily grow. And due to market globalization in parallel with the fact that we actually trade in remote parts of the world at the moment, everybody clearly understands that we could become partners with the companies that haven’t even dreamt or thought about making business with us recently due to impartial reasons.”

    Security of Supply and Related Investments. Speech by Alexey Miller at the 24th World Gas Conference

    “Our Forum is taking place at a crucial point – a period in which we are searching for ways to overcome the consequences of the global financial crisis and industrial recession. In this context, the topic of gas supply security being addressed by our session is particularly vital.”

    Alexey Miller

    Alexey Miller

    On the appointment of Director General of Gazprom dobycha Krasnoyarsk

    “This is not just an ordinary appointment, it’s a structural change in the Company’s activities aimed at raising the efficiency of geological exploration across the entire Group.”