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  • On cooperation with Electricite de France (EDF)

    “We are gaining a new reliable and long-term partner today in EDF. The participation of a French company in the South Stream project underscores the pan-European scale of the pipeline and is additional evidence of its tremendous importance for ensuring stable energy supplies to the continent. We are confident that South Stream, along with Nord Stream, which is being recognized by a growing number of European countries, will ensure the well-being of Gazprom’s customers in terms of energy.”

    On European Business Congress (EBC)

    “Most of the Congress members are the energy companies and the financial institutions having a considerable impact on the European economy. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to use the EBC cooperation opportunities on the international level in a more intense way. Consolidated and balanced positions and proposals of the EBC on serious problems in the energy sector, including conflicts such as transit crises, may have a positive impact on their solution. We have to shape the guidelines for 2010 in a way that focuses the attention of the business and political communities on a globally important issue. The work to be performed on this issue has to make a specific contribution to the energy sector development.”

    On Nord Stream

    “Today, we may definitely say that the Nord Stream project is a success. The initial project stage, being the most difficult one, has been accomplished, the critical amount of preparatory measures have been taken. The joint efforts made by the shareholders of Nord Stream AG, the company’s employee team, the European countries interested in the project implementation are yielding results. Consistent development of the project is a vivid example of cooperation strengthening between Russia and Europe in the energy sector.”

    The volume of gas supplies in 2010 was adjusted according to Ukraine’s real demand in the crisis environment

    “According to the agreements reached between the Prime Minister of Russia and his Ukrainian counterpart in Yalta, talks with the management of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy have been held today. The final accord was reached on the amount of gas offtake by Ukraine in 2010. The amount was adjusted with due regard to Ukraine’s real demand in the crisis environment. Coordinated gas supply volumes eliminate the risk of penalties to be paid by NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy in 2010 for inability to offtake gas under the contract. Finally, we agreed that Gazprom would not charge the penalties for the gas underconsumption in 2009 making up 13 billion cubic meters for the period of ten months. These accords were executed in writing – an addendum to the contract was signed. I would like to reiterate that we acted in compliance with the political arrangements made between the Prime Ministers in Yalta.”

    On draft General Collective Agreement for 2010–2012

    “Gazprom is a leader of the global energy market. A high status of the Company obliges us to maintain a high level of social responsibility. Nothing, even the influence of the global financial and economic crisis, may change the Company’s attitude to providing its employees with social guarantees.

    The draft General Collective Agreement for 2010–2012 submitted today for your consideration reflects the wishes of the bulk of the Company's employees in the most complete way and is provided with a real financial support. I would like to emphasize that observation of the Gazprom employees’ socioeconomic and labor rights has always been and will be a significant objective to be met for efficient operation of the Company.”

    Alexey Miller speaking at the Gazprom employees' Conference

    Alexey Miller speaking at the Gazprom employees' Conference

    On sustainable growth in demand for Gazprom’s gas on key markets

    “Since mid-2009 Gazprom has been observing a sustainable gas demand growth on the key markets. This November the amount of natural gas supplies to European consumers was considerably higher than in the same period of 2008. Thus, daily gas offtake exceeded last year's indicators by nearly 50 per cent (170 million cubic meters per day) on certain days. As of November 18, an increase in Gazprom’s gas sales in Europe versus last November averaged over 37 per cent. A sustainable growth is observed in Russia as well. Since early November Russian consumers have been supplied with additional 8 per cent if compared to the same period of the last year. Daily gas consumption was up to 20 per cent higher on certain days.”