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On gas price for Belarus

“Pursuant to the Contract, the gas price for Belarus calculated under the formula will stand at around USD 168 per 1,000 cubic meters in the first quarter of 2010. This year the average price for the natural gas supplied to Belarus was 11 per cent lower – around USD 150. Due to the absence of the export duty, natural gas price for Belarus is considerably lower as compared to other purchasers of Russian gas. At the same time, the previously agreed period of transition to higher prices enables the Belarusian economy to adapt to the new conditions.”

Speech by Alexey Miller at pre-holiday conference call

“On behalf of the Gazprom Management Committee and my personal behalf, I would like to congratulate all the subsidiary companies’ heads, employees and gas industry veterans on the coming New Year and Christmas!

The expiring year was rather hard for the global and domestic economies. Nevertheless, under the conditions of the global economic crisis our Company demonstrated high reliability, relevant flexibility and ability to promptly respond to market challenges”.

Speech by Alexey Miller at the meeting of the Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russia’s Economy under the Russian Federation President

“Dear Mr Medvedev! Dear participants of the meeting!

Nowadays, wide application of sci-tech achievements is a prerequisite for the development of any company.

This is even more crucial for Gazprom, which delivers unique and, at the same time, extremely sophisticated projects in hydrocarbon production, transportation and processing sectors.”

At the meeting

At the meeting

New Year and Christmas greetings

“Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Gazprom Management Committee and my personal behalf, I would like to congratulate you on New Year and Christmas!

Alexey Miller

Alexey Miller

The expiring year was rather difficult for the global and national economy. Nevertheless, Gazprom demonstrated high reliability, sufficient flexibility and ability to promptly respond to market challenges in the environment of the global financial and economic crisis.

Bringing onstream Russia’s first LNG plant, launching LNG deliveries to foreign markets, active efforts targeted at executing strategically important projects: the Nord Stream and the South Stream gas export pipelines, intensive development of Russian gas trunklines, natural gas supply to hundreds of population centers, as well as substantial measures to create the gas industry in Eastern Russia – these are Gazprom’s key operating highlights over the expiring year.

The Company steadily keeps establishing itself on the domestic and global markets and successfully advances towards the leadership position among global energy companies.

We bear enormous responsibility as Gazprom ensures Russia’s energy security, socio-economic development and, therefore, the wellbeing of citizens.

Dear colleagues! Let the coming year bring the fulfillment of your most daring plans and ideas. I wish you and your beloved ones robust health, happiness and wellbeing!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!”

On strategic partnership with Eni

“Today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of signing the Agreement on long-term natural gas supplies to Italy, which became a milestone in the contemporary history of Europe. Over this period, Gazprom and Eni, as strategic partners, established unprecedented partnership relations based on mutual trust and efficient commercial decisions.

Thus, the companies jointly constructed a unique gas pipeline, Blue Stream, unparalleled in the global history. Currently, Gazprom and Eni are playing an active role in executing a new large-scale project, South Stream, to become an integral part of the European energy security.

I am sure that further Russian-Italian cooperation in the gas sector will yield new impressive outcomes to promote friendly ties between our countries, as well as economic prosperity of Russia and Italy.”

Gas pipeline placement, Passo di Sella, Italy, 1973. Photo by Eni

Gas pipeline placement, Passo di Sella, Italy, 1973. Photo by Eni

On signing General Collective Agreement of Gazprom and its subsidiaries for 2010–2012

“Gazprom gives full attention to observing the socio-economic and labor rights of the Company’s personnel. Despite the global financial and economic crisis we haven’t changed our approach to securing social protection for our employees.”

On the commissioning of a new modern sports and fitness center for children in Novy Urengoy

“Being a leader in the global energy sector, Gazprom is also a socially responsible company. The Gazprom to Children program is a vivid example of this. Today, on the day of Gazprom dobycha Yamburg’s anniversary we are opening the sports center in the heart of Russia’s gas production region. I think this is the right thing. We care about our employees’ health and support the younger generation of Russians. I hope we will hear about the remarkable success of many students of this sports and fitness center.”

Sports and fitness center

Sports and fitness center

On signing Memorandum of Understanding with Eni on South Stream project

Alexey Miller and Chief Executive Officer of Eni Paolo Scaroni. Photo by RIA Novosti

Alexey Miller and Chief Executive Officer of Eni Paolo Scaroni. Photo by RIA Novosti

“The given Memorandum was signed following the agreements reached by Gazprom and EDF last week. It demonstrates intention of Russian and Italian partners engaged in the South Stream project to cooperate with French colleagues in the construction of the large-scale transnational gas pipeline. In general, the emergence of the third partner in the project manifests that Europe recognizes the significance of additional gas supply routes from Russia, the biggest and most reliable exporter of hydrocarbons to the market of the continent.”