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  • The process of Gazprom’s conversion into a global energy company has completed

    “Contemporary business is experiencing rapid globalization and is going beyond industry and national market boundaries. Two years ago Gazprom decided therefore to start creating a global energy company. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say nowadays that the process of Gazprom’s conversion from the “national champion” into a global energy business leader has completed. Over a six-year period the Company’s capitalization grew 25-fold exceeding the USD 270 billion level by the end of last year.”

    Final Press Conference with the participation of the Board of Directors Chairman and Management Committee Chairman of Gazprom

    Alexey Miller and Viktor Zubkov

    Alexey Miller and Viktor Zubkov

    Gazprom: a new quality of growth. Speech by Alexey Miller at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting

    “Such growth potential as the one of Gazprom is missing not only with our peers but in general with leaders of the world business. Gazprom is demonstrating a new quality of growth in all areas of its activity. Our shareholders may be sure – they have made a right choice!”

    The Financial Times, UK

    “At present Gazprom Group accounts for some 6% of the British market. We plan to reach 10% by 2011 and the target for the coming years can be 15% without any acquisitions of local companies.”

    Speech by Alexey Miller at the commissioning ceremony for a new combined cycle gas turbine unit #11 PGU-450T at Mosenergo's CHP-21

    “Gazprom's entry into Mosenergo's business enables to implement today a superscale investment program. Pursuant to this program, till late 2011 Mosenergo is to take into operation around 3,500 MW of new capacity.”

    Speech by Alexey Miller at the press conference devoted to 35 years of Russian gas deliveries to Germany

    “Nord Stream and South Stream are two examples for our commitment to the European market and its energy security. Both pipelines will increase natural gas supply reliability for Europe by providing a new, high capacity, direct and safe gas supply route avoiding not always predictable transit countries.”

    Speech by Alexey Miller at the press briefing as part of the European Business Congress

    “For decades Gazprom has managed uninterrupted supplies to European consumers, in particular, during the Cold War and Russia's subsequent transition from a planned to a market economy. The relationship between Gazprom and Europeans is one of mutual dependence. We rely as much on European consumers as they depend on us.”

    Talking points by Alexey Miller for discussion at the 12th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

    “Gazprom remains true to the principle of cooperation on the basis of a mutual respect of interests. We are successfully operating abroad and welcome the participation of our foreign partners on projects in Russia.”