Alexey Miller's column

  • June

Gazprom moved from a stabilization phase to a growth phase in its development. Talking points by Alexey Miller at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting

“…new frontiers must correspond to the present day abilities of the company, and to the tasks the Russian economy is facing now. The new economic growth estimates preclude an update of natural gas demand and Gazprom production target figures. Gazprom Management Committee decided to increase its production target figures from 530 billion to 580–590 billion cubic meters by the year 2020, and to 610–630 billion cubic meters of natural gas by 2030.”

Keynote address by Alexey Miller at the 22nd World Gas Conference, Tokyo

“The new processes and phenomena in the world community, somehow or other, bear an impact on the development of energy systems and the prospects for the gas sector. In the new age, there is an urgent need in essentially novel ideas and initiatives that would provide adequate responses to the challenges mankind has to meet. I am sure this Conference, held under the motto ”Catalyzing an Eco-Responsible Future”, will make a worthy contribution. In my presentation, I would like to outline the Russian gas sector potential in resolving the world energy challenges."