Gazprom in Eastern Russia, Entry into Asia-Pacific Markets

June 18, 2012, 11:00 am

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Participants of the Press Conference


  • Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom;
  • Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom; Director General, Gazprom export;
  • Oleg Aksyutin, Member of the Management Committee – Head of the Gas Transportation, Underground Storage and Utilization Department, Gazprom;
  • Pavel Oderov, Head of the International Business Department, Gazprom;
  • Nikolai Kabanov, First Deputy Head of the Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Production Department, Gazprom;
  • Viktor Timoshilov, Head of the East-Oriented Project Coordination Directorate, Gazprom;
  • Oleg Ivanov, Deputy Head of the Prospective Development Department, Gazprom.