Gazprom reaches set level of working gas inventories in Russian storages


Gazprom successfully reached the set level of working gas inventories in Russian underground gas storage facilities at 72.638 billion cubic meters.

The potential maximum daily deliverability of the facilities was brought to the level of 847.9 million cubic meters.

The work on injecting gas into Russian UGS facilities will continue until November 8.


Analysis of actual weather conditions in Russia and Europe over the past few years confirms that the winter period now includes the spring month of March. Therefore, efforts for ensuring the availability of sufficient reserves in underground gas storage (UGS) facilities and maintaining their high deliverability by the beginning of spring are among the key factors for successful operation in the season of peak demand.

During the 2020–2021 heating season, 60.6 billion cubic meters of gas were withdrawn from Russian UGS facilities, an all-time high for Russia's gas industry.


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