Gazprom prioritizing employee health protection


The Gazprom Management Committee took note of the information about the provision of medical services and health & disease control measures at Gazprom, its subsidiaries and entities.

It was highlighted that the protection of employee health is among the priorities of the Company’s social policy. The employees are provided with timely, easily accessible and high-quality medical services and undergo preventive medical examination on an annual basis. An effective insurance protection system is in place, offering an extended range of services under the voluntary medical insurance program.

Gazprom’s corporate medical facilities provide both outpatient and hospital care services, including hi-tech ones. Voluntary vaccinations and revaccinations against the COVID-19 coronavirus infection are offered: a total of 89.1 per cent of employees at the parent company and the core production subsidiaries of the gas business have been vaccinated to date.

The Company sets up medical stations for shift workers at the production sites that are located far away from social infrastructure. If necessary, shift workers are transported to a nearest specialized healthcare facility.

Medical staff employed at Gazprom’s facilities regularly receives additional skills training, inter alia, at the department of occupational medicine of Gazprom Corporate Institute.

Special attention is given to the use of advanced health promotion technologies. For instance, the rehabilitative and remedial treatment technology developed jointly by Gazprom Transgaz Moscow and the Industry Clinic and Diagnostic Center of Gazprom won the top Science and Technology Prize of Gazprom in 2019 and is now being integrated into the treatment programs of the corporate health resorts.

The Company will continue upgrading the corporate system of medical services for its employees.

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