Gazprom and TMK interested in developing new hi-tech pipe products


A working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, and Dmitry Pumpyansky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMK, took place today in St. Petersburg.

The parties discussed the development and production of new hi-tech pipe products for the benefit of Gazprom, as well as the top-priority areas of advancement for TMK after its acquisition of the assets of Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant (ChelPipe).

It was noted that the fruitful and longstanding collaboration between Gazprom and TMK coupled with the focus on fulfilling the Company's stringent requirements to the quality and operational properties of pipes have allowed TMK to create a production base conforming to the best international standards.

The technological level attained by the domestic pipe industry has already made it possible to fully meet Gazprom's need for many types of pipes required to create gas transmission systems and develop fields in severe natural and climatic conditions. When implementing promising projects, the Company is committed to using primarily Russian products, including those with no foreign equivalents.


In March 2021, TMK completed the deal on the purchase of 86.5 per cent of ChelPipe shares. The deal covered production, distribution and service-providing assets, scrap collection and processing assets, as well as other assets involved in the activities of the trunkline pipe division of ChelPipe. In April, TMK increased its share to 97.6 per cent.

In October of this year, Gazprom and TMK signed at St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2021 a scientific and technical cooperation program for another five-year period spanning from 2021 to 2025.

TMK will place its core focus on mastering the manufacture of new types of high-tech pipe products, such as high-strength pipes of large diameter, including those manufactured by laser welding, pipes with increased deformation capacity, seamless pipes resistant to hydrogen sulfide, cold-resistant pipes, and pipes with high-precision thread connections. It is planned to use the new products in Gazprom's production and gas transmission projects.


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