Gazprom prioritizing environmental conservation in its activities


June 5 is World Environment Day and Ecologist Day. Environmental conservation is a priority in the activities of Gazprom.

The Company implements the best available technologies, pays the utmost attention to improving energy efficiency, and reduces the carbon footprint of its products year after year, making a substantial contribution to the low-carbon economic growth of Russia and the countries importing Russian gas.

With a view to enhancing stakeholder confidence, Gazprom compiles corporate hydrocarbon reporting materials in line with international practices and regularly conducts independent verification procedures for greenhouse gas emissions data. In 2020, greenhouse gas emissions at Gazprom fell by 14 per cent compared to the previous year, including a 22 per cent drop in methane emissions.

The Company's methane emissions across the entire production chain are minimal: 0.02 per cent of the gas extracted, 0.24 per cent of the gas transmitted, and 0.03 per cent of the gas stored. Within the framework of the Guiding Principles on Reducing Methane Emissions across the Natural Gas Value Chain international initiative, Gazprom continues to provide for further emission reductions together with its partners.

More than RUB 120 billion was spent on environmental protection in the last five years.

Gazprom gives special attention to maintaining environmental safety in the Arctic. The condition of permafrost is monitored on a continuous basis, and measures are taken to ensure the facilities are stable and reliable.

The year 2020 saw the Company initiate and complete over 2,200 voluntary environmental activities in Russia and abroad, including tree planting, landscaping in residential areas, alleys and parks, and rehabilitation of water bodies. More than 34.8 million specimens of various fish were released into water reservoirs in 2020.

Every year, Gazprom jointly with the Vernadsky Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation organizes large-scale environmental projects in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Among the key initiatives is the Green Spring national environmental marathon. In 2021, the event brought together more than 800,000 people from 77 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The participants achieved the following:

  • over 168,000 trees and shrubs planted;
  • more than 24 lakes, rivers, and springs rehabilitated;
  • upward of 6,000 hectares of coastal zones, forests, and urban areas cleaned and landscaped;
  • over 30,000 cubic meters of trash disposed of.

The Gazprom Group regularly occupies high spots in environmental rankings. Based on their performance in 2020, Gazprom and Gazprom Neft were named the top-performing Russian oil and gas companies in the international climate rating compiled by CDP.

Aiming to implement the Paris climate agreement and enhance the potential of natural gas, Gazprom invests in the development of hydrogen energy technologies and other innovative solutions based on natural gas.

The Company's efforts for gas infrastructure expansion and conversion of vehicles to natural gas help considerably reduce pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, the use of natural gas has already proven itself as an efficient, affordable and reasonable path of sustainable development.

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