Gazprom strengthening its gas processing business


  • High-capacity facilities are under construction in eastern and western Russia.
  • Amur GPP construction project is 72 per cent complete.

The Gazprom Board of Directors expressed its approval of the Company’s ongoing efforts on expanding gas processing facilities and promoting cutting-edge technologies in the segment.

It was noted that Gazprom is actively strengthening its gas processing business, primarily due to the growing share of multi-component gas in the Company’s production mix. By adopting the most effective monetization strategy for this type of gas and increasing the output of readily marketable products, the Company will boost its profitability in the long term and make its gas business more balanced.

Gazprom is building the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) to process the multi-component gas extracted from the eastern fields. The GPP will become the world’s leading helium producer. The project is already 72 per cent complete: the first start-up complex consisting of two production trains will come onstream in 2021.

The integrated complex for natural gas processing and liquefaction is under construction in the west of Russia, i.e. near the settlement of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad Region. The complex will have the largest capacity in Russia in terms of gas processing and will be the biggest liquefied natural gas production facility in northwestern Europe. Currently, preparatory works are in progress at the site of the future facility. The design documentation for the gas processing, liquefaction and off-site facilities is under state expert review at the moment.

Gazprom is also looking to increase the degree of gas processing at the operational enterprises. In addition, construction works are still underway at the Novy Urengoy Gas Chemical Complex in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area.

The Company is developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with domestic R&D enterprises. For instance, new-generation absorbents and catalysts are being created at the request of Gazprom and put into use in order to decrease energy consumption in sulfurous gas treatment processes and extend the durability of catalysts employed in sulfur production.

The Management Committee was tasked with continuing the expansion of gas processing facilities and promotion of advanced technologies in this sector.

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