Gazprom continues to expand Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok gas pipeline


The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information about gas supplies to the Khabarovsk Territory.

It was highlighted that, in compliance with the Directives of the Government of the Russian Federation “On gas supplies to the Khabarovsk Territory from 2025,” the Company is expanding the Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok gas trunkline at the section between Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk. Over 315 kilometers of the linear part – more than 3/4 of its overall length – has been welded to date.

Khabarovsk. Photo bank shutterstock
Khabarovsk. Photo bank shutterstock

Khabarovsk. Photo bank shutterstock

As soon as the works are completed, this section will provide a technical opportunity to supply gas to potential gas consumers in the Khabarovsk Territory, as well as to set up new connections for consumers that are currently receiving gas via the Okha – Komsomolsk-on-Amur gas pipeline (not owned by Gazprom), which is slated for potential decommissioning.

The Management Committee was tasked with continuing the work on supplying gas to the Khabarovsk Territory.

The Board of Directors also took note of the information about the potential expansion of Gazprom’s investment program to include the construction projects for the Makushino gas distribution station (GDS) in the Kurgan Region to bring gas to local district centers and for the Rzhev – Nelidovo gas pipeline branch, as well as the project for the design and construction of a gas pipeline branch and the Nikolskoye GDS in the Arkhangelsk Region.

It was pointed out that the above facilities are already covered by the gas supply and gas infrastructure expansion programs for 2021–2025. The design works are slated to start in 2021.

The Makushino GDS and the gas pipeline branch will bring gas to consumers in three districts of the Kurgan Region: Chastoozersky, Makushinsky, and Petukhovsky.

The Rzhev – Nelidovo gas pipeline branch in the Tver Region will facilitate the creation of a gas grid in the city district of Nelidovo and four municipal districts: Belsky, Oleninsky, Toropetsky, and Zapadnodvinsky.

The Nikolskoye GDS and the gas pipeline branch will create the conditions for bringing gas to the Ilyinsko-Podomskoye village in the Vilegodsky District of the Arkhangelsk Region.


In September 2020, Gazprom and the Khabarovsk Territory approved the program for gas supply and gas infrastructure expansion in the region for a new five-year period, i.e. 2021–2025. The Company’s investments in the program will total RUB 5.49 billion – a 3.2-fold increase against the investments made in 2016–2020. Gazprom is planning to build 14 inter-settlement gas pipelines, 9.3 kilometers of gas pipeline branches, and six gas distribution stations.

As a result, the Company will create the conditions for bringing gas to 20 communities in the Amursky, Bikinsky, Khabarovsky, Komsomolsky and Ulchsky Districts, as well as to potential industrial consumers, including the mining and processing facility in the Nanaisky District.

The gas supply and gas infrastructure expansion program for 2021–2025 was signed with the Arkhangelsk Region in September 2020, and similar programs were inked with the Kurgan and Tver Regions in December 2020.


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