Gazprom continuing to develop and implement innovative projects


The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information about the effect achieved as a result of the utilization of the funds allocated for scientific research, experimental development, and technological works (R&D activities), as well as about the approval of the overall key performance indicator of innovative activities for 2021, and approved the 2020 Report on the implementation of Gazprom's Innovative Development Program until 2025.

Gazprom aims for technological leadership and constant enhancement of its production potential. The Company develops and implements advanced technologies for the benefit of both domestic and foreign consumers with a view to providing them with energy resources in a reliable and effective manner for the long term.

Every year, Gazprom channels considerable funds into R&D activities. In 2020 alone, R&D works for a total amount of over RUB 21 billion were performed as commissioned by the Gazprom Group, with RUB 11.3 billion of the total amount spent on the R&D works for gas sector companies. In 2020, the actual economic benefit from the use of the previously implemented R&D results at the subsidiaries amounted to RUB 11.2 billion in the gas business alone.

Priority areas for the works are determined in line with Gazprom's Innovative Development Program until 2025 and entail the development of high-tech domestic equipment, unique and sophisticated technological complexes, and promising technical solutions.

In 2020, Gazprom was focused on, among other things, creating the technologies for further field development in the Yamal Peninsula, in the east of Russia, and on the continental shelf, along with the technologies for hydrogen and methane-hydrogen fuel production, and on streamlining the system of long-term market forecasting and cost management. Gazprom pays special attention to the wider adoption of digital technologies with due consideration of the provisions set out by the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national project.

Gazprom performs R&D activities in cooperation with corporate research institutes and Russia's leading scientific and research organizations, including higher education institutions. Currently, 13 higher education institutions have the status of Gazprom's anchor universities. In 2020, five of them were engaged in performing programs of scientific studies and development for the benefit of the Company.

Gazprom also maintains cooperation with small and medium-sized innovative enterprises. In order to make the cooperation simple and transparent, the Single Window System web portal ( was created in 2018. The System's functions were expanded in 2020. Last year, Gazprom received a total of 134 proposals through the System, and 52 of them were included into the Register of innovative products for use at Gazprom.


Gazprom's Innovative Development Program until 2025 was approved in June 2016 and updated in December 2020. The main goal of the Program is to constantly enhance the technological and organizational level of the Company's development in order for it to maintain the status of a global energy company and reliable supplier of energy resources.

The overall key performance indicator (KPI) of Gazprom's innovative activities is a combined evaluation of the Company's work on the achievement of the target values within a group of four indicators. Three of them characterize the innovative activities of Gazprom (the number of patents obtained, the reduction of specific greenhouse gas emissions, and the share of R&D expenses in revenue).

The fourth indicator is used by the federal executive bodies to assess the quality of the development or implementation of Gazprom's Innovative Development Program.


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