Gazprom’s annual General Shareholders Meeting makes decisions on all agenda items


The annual General Shareholders Meeting of Gazprom was held in the form of absentee voting. The Shareholders Meeting made decisions on all agenda items.

The Meeting approved the Company's 2019 Annual Report and Accounting (Financial) Statements. It was resolved to allocate the Company's profit based on the results of 2019.

The Meeting approved the dividend amount: RUB 15.24 per share based on Gazprom's operating results in 2019. The dividend payout will therefore total RUB 360.784 billion (30 per cent of the profit attributable to Gazprom's shareholders under International Financial Reporting Standards for 2019).

July 16, 2020, was set as the deadline for listing the persons entitled to receive dividends. Meanwhile, July 30, 2020, was endorsed as the deadline to receive dividends for the nominee shareholders and trustees who are stock market professionals recorded in the Register of Shareholders; for the rest of the registered shareholders, it is August 20, 2020. Those decisions fully comply with the Board of Directors' recommendations.

The Meeting approved FBK as Gazprom's Auditor for 2020. The company had won an open tender held by Gazprom.

The Meeting resolved to pay out the remuneration to the Gazprom Board of Directors and Audit Commission Members, who are not government officials or do not hold state civil service positions in the Russian Federation, in the amount recommended by the Board of Directors.

The Meeting approved the amendments to Gazprom's Articles of Association and to Gazprom's Regulation on the Board of Directors.

The Meeting approved the revised Regulation on the Audit Commission of Gazprom.

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