Board of Directors reviews ongoing implementation of digital technologies within Gazprom


The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information about the ongoing implementation of advanced digital technologies within the Gazprom Group.

It was highlighted at the Board Meeting that the use of digital technologies within Gazprom is aimed at further improving the flexibility and effectiveness of the Company's corporate governance and contributes to achieving its strategic goals.

Work continues on the integration of information management systems, which enable the automation of the Gazprom Group's core business processes, such as supervisory control, accounting and taxes, and management operations in maintenance and repairs, investments, procurement, finance, marketing and sales, and property and human resources.

The level of information system development which has been achieved serves as a sufficient base for the widespread introduction of digital solutions at the Gazprom Group. A special focus is on the creation of a platform for vertical integration of the whole variety of elements, from instrumentation and control equipment and automated process management systems to management systems adopted at Gazprom.

The Company is pursuing the 2018–2022 Comprehensive Target Program for the Development of the Integrated Information Environment. One of the Program's basic principles – innovativeness – provides for the partial use of an advanced business management model (Industry 4.0 concept) taking into account the industry-specific requirements of the Gazprom Group. The purpose of these technologies is to support the adoption of managerial decisions on the basis of forecasting models in uncertain external environment and rapidly changing circumstances.

Gazprom is actively adopting end-to-end digital technologies, which include, in particular, robotic systems, neurotechnologies, and artificial intelligence technologies applied in big data analysis.

As part of efforts to expand digital cooperation with state authorities, a program is currently underway for the transition of the Gazprom Group companies to the tax monitoring regime. To date, seven companies of the Gazprom Group have transitioned to this form of tax control.

The Management Committee was instructed to carry on with the deployment of advanced digital technologies within the Gazprom Group.


The Industry 4.0 (fourth industrial revolution) concept envisages a wide use of digital technologies and application of proactive management tools to operational facilities and processes across the entire value-added chain for maximum business profitability.

Tax monitoring is a form of tax control that allows a tax authority to expeditiously monitor the accuracy of tax calculations and the completeness and timeliness of payments (transfers) with regard to taxes, duties and insurance fees payable by taxpayers in compliance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.


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