Gazprom efficiently developing its personnel management system


The Gazprom Board of Directors reviewed the information about the efficiency of the Company's HR policy and the personnel incentive system.

It was noted that highly skilled and motivated employees are a key competitive advantage for Gazprom. The Company established a modern personnel management system and consistently works to improve it.

The system is based on workforce planning. Among other things, the Company continuously updates short- and long-term staffing requirements taking into account specific professional skills.

Gazprom pays particular attention to professional development of its workers. To that end, the Company set up and has been successfully using a system of continuous corporate professional education. Training programs are offered at leading Russian higher education institutions, Gazprom's educational organizations, and the training centers of its subsidiaries.

One of the main goals of cooperation with educational organizations is to ensure that future specialists receive excellent professional training and become able to quickly adapt to the Company.

An important aspect of Gazprom's HR policy is to motivate personnel with a view to recruiting and retaining professionals with the required qualifications, as well as incentivizing employees so that they perform their tasks to the best of their abilities.

The systematic work undertaken by Gazprom with the aim of improving the efficiency of its personnel management practices allows the Company to successfully evolve, compete in the global market, and confidently plan its activities for the long term.

The Management Committee was instructed to continue its efforts aimed at improving the efficiency of HR practices and personnel incentive system at Gazprom and its subsidiaries.

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