Gazprom’s Sustainability Report passes first-ever independent audit


The Gazprom Group’s Sustainability Report 2017 was successfully assured (audited) in accordance with the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The first Sustainability Report audit in Gazprom’s history was conducted by FBK.

FBK confirmed that the Report contained accurate information and had been prepared in compliance with the GRI Standards (Core option).

Gazprom’s goal in engaging a professional auditor to review the document had been to improve non-financial disclosures.

The Report was also subjected to an independent public verification procedure performed by the Board on Non-Financial Reporting of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The Board gave a positive assessment of the contents of the document and the completeness of the data disclosed, noting that the Report covered all areas of responsible business practices in line with the Social Charter of Russian Business.


Sustainability means development that meets the demands of the present without jeopardizing the future generations’ potential to satisfy their needs.

A sustainability report is a part of a company’s public non-financial reporting that comprehensively reflects the company’s sustainability policies, goals and performance in the reporting period, with a focus on economic, environmental and social aspects, to be used by stakeholder groups and incorporating comments and suggestions thereof. Audits of public non-financial reporting are carried out by companies on a voluntary basis.

The GRI Standards are the standards for sustainability reporting developed by Global Reporting Initiative, an independent international non-commercial organization.

FBK is one of the leading Russian audit and consulting groups and a GRI Certified Training Partner in Russia.

Public verification is a standalone procedure for external assessment of public non-financial reporting. The procedure is performed on a voluntary basis, increasing public confidence in the audited company.

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) is a nationwide organization that brings together major industrial, research, finance and commercial companies and represents their interests both in Russia and abroad.


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