Gazprom takes stock of Year of Quality


The Gazprom Management Committee reviewed the results of the Year of Quality events conducted across the Company.

It was noted that Gazprom provided reliable energy supplies to Russian and foreign consumers. This is largely achieved through the corporate Quality Management System (QMS) that is currently in place. Certified for compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard, the QMS covers key business operations, namely production, transportation, storage and processing of natural gas, gas condensate and oil.

In order to further enhance the Company’s performance in this area, 2018 was declared the Year of Quality at Gazprom. A total of 365 events were held jointly with subsidiaries, Russian regional authorities, and domestic manufacturers of materials and equipment.

Special attention was paid to measures aimed at improving the quality of project documentation, construction and installation operations, and the associated logistical support.

This year, Gazprom’s Quality Assurance Council resolved to expand the scope of the QMS to include such activities as construction of new gas supply facilities, renovation, retrofitting, overhaul and inspection of existing facilities, metrological support, and operational dispatch control.

Major efforts were made to streamline the corporate regulatory framework for quality management. In particular, the STO Gazprom 9001 standard was updated to add more requirements for contractors and suppliers. Upwards of 680 internal regulations were drafted and implemented at subsidiary companies.

Employee training and continuous improvement of technological, operational and management processes are key aspects of QMS development. In 2018, a number of subsidiaries held professional excellence contests. The contests help not only identify the most qualified professionals, but also share best practices and motivate employees to further develop their capabilities. In addition, Gazprom’s Quality Assurance Prize was instituted to encourage subsidiaries to raise the quality of their products, works and services.

As part of the Year of Quality, over 110 quality-themed conferences, seminars and forums took place. For instance, topical issues related to quality management in the gas industry and the ways to address them were discussed at the 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

The meeting highlighted that, according to a survey conducted in 2018, consumers of Gazprom’s goods and services had expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the Company’s performance.

The Management Committee declared Gazprom’s Year of Quality closed. Nevertheless, efforts to improve the Quality Management System will continue.


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