Gazprom and Linde review progress of Amur GPP construction project


A working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, and Wolfgang Buechele, Chief Executive Officer of Linde, took place in St. Petersburg today.

The parties reviewed the progress of the construction project for the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP). Linde is a supplier of core process equipment for cryogenic recovery of helium and valuable petrochemical substances from gas. As of today, the German company has started manufacturing the core equipment for the first start-up complex of the Amur GPP. It is also developing the engineering documentation for cryogenic gas separation facilities.

Alexey Miller and Wolfgang Buechele paid particular attention to potential partnership for the localization of gas processing and liquefaction equipment production within Russia.

In addition, the meeting participants addressed further prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation between the companies.


Linde AG is one of the world's largest companies focused on industrial technologies used for natural gas treatment and separation with the recovery of ethane, propane and heavier hydrocarbon fractions. In addition, the company designs and builds cryogenic units for natural gas and helium liquefaction.

The Amur GPP with a design capacity of 42 billion cubic meters of gas per year will be constructed near Svobodny in the Amur Region. The GPP will include the world's largest helium production facility. The plant will be supplied via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline with multi-component gas from the Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centers being set up by Gazprom within the Eastern Gas Program.

On June 17, 2016, Gazprom, Linde, Power Machines, and Salavatneftemash signed the Agreement of Intent to explore the possibilities for joining efforts with the purpose of establishing a Russian-based manufacturer of natural gas liquefaction and processing equipment.


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