Gazprom facilitates development of Russian technologies in fuel and energy sector


The Gazprom Board of Directors commended the Company for encouraging the introduction of Russian technologies into Gazprom Group's industrial activities.

In procuring state-of-the-art and high-technology equipment for the Company's facilities, Gazprom prioritizes Russian producing companies. To that end, Gazprom has actively collaborated with Russian companies for many years, facilitating their technological development.

The Company's technical policy is based on a system of corporate standards that are more stringent than national and international regulations. Gazprom has very strict requirements for the reliability and safety of procured equipment. This encourages national producers to modernize their production processes and improve the competitiveness of their offerings. Gazprom's experience in using equipment under various environmental and climatic conditions helps manufacturers update their products.

Gazprom facilitates development of Russian technologies in fuel and energy sector
Gazprom facilitates development of Russian technologies in fuel and energy sector

Gazprom has very strict requirements for reliability and safety of procured equipment

Gazprom exercises flexibility in drafting specifications for the required equipment by allowing for different manufacturing technologies. As a result, the Company is supplied with products that, while varied in operating principles, are fully compliant with the uniform technical requirements. For example, Russian companies offered several types of stand-alone power plants for the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, ranging from renewable energy-based and solid-fuel equipment to thermoelectric generators.

The Company contributes to research and development activities carried out by manufacturers, which helps accelerate the design and serial production of Gazprom's priority equipment. Of particular note is the co-financing of R&D activities for the creation of Russian technologies and commercial prototypes of equipment in the field of liquefied natural gas production.

The GAZPROMCERT Voluntary Certification System is another tool aimed at stimulating the development of Russian manufacturers. It allows organizations and businesses to assess the compliance of their products, works, services, and quality management systems with Gazprom's standards. The system is highly regarded, which enables producing companies to ensure their GAZPROMCERT certificates are recognized by other certification systems and thus to reduce the costs of production quality verification.

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